Juste une Trace


When having a cultural project, you can’t be affraid of being orginal, of being look at, listen to, being shown.

But before doing anything, it’s important to study the situation and to set the priorities. We always proceed that way before anything else.

Depending of the case, we can hand the promotion to our partners or we can manage it by ourselves. We always ask ourselves questions to get to know the artist’s fanbase and future fanbase. It’s also about being informed of the evolution of medias and communication methods.

Concerts, radio, tv, press, internet, we combine everything to create a « buzz ». Obviously it depends of our ressources. We also try to balance out everything and give the maximum of results with the less investment.

In many cases, it’s about combining our strenght and efforts and finding leaders.

Our reflexion et actions can be about visual, webiste, concert, emails, social medias, SEO … Our communication actions are not only reserved for the projects we produce. An artist, a group or a company can give us a promotion mission. Just contact us, listen, enjoy and then meet.

For any artist that wants to get really involved in a project we offer different training for them to learn to communicate better.

We believe in direct contact between an artist and his fans. That’s why we share good habits and tips for them to succes independently.

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