Juste une Trace


Our homemade crowdfunding method is an independant mecanism of direct support.

It’s simple and easy to use : we believe in a « win-win» situation.

This tool allows us to reduce the financal risks and multiple the constructive actions. Direct fundings gives us the ability to create and produce.

With « Juste Une Trace », contributors are supporting projects managed by a team.

The advantages we have to offer in relation to traditional crowdfunding platforms are important, especially for the artists. For example, artists are rarely subject to VAT. By using directly their incomes, they’re supporting the integrality of taxes (20% in France) without being abble to get them back, but is not our case.

There are other risks than financial risks: it’s important to think about the image we’re giving about us.

Being optimistic and being aware of failure are two important things. It’s hard for an artist to face a funding failure. Does that means that he’s not good? No. Without fundind, his project might disappear a few days after the release…

At Juste Une Trace, we are against these kinds of treatment.In summary, our structure gets funding for projects, pays VAT for numerable participation, gets back the VAT on the spends, organize projects and, more globaly, does every compulsory declaration and the accountings.

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