Juste une Trace



It often happens that people come to us with already finished productions (or almost finished) for us to work with.

In those cases, we listen to the project and get a sharp idea about what we can do.

Before going to the commercialization, we establish an action plan. In some cases, we can conceive communication media, help for the visuals, choose service provider or even use our own ressources. Depending of the agreements, we manage the manufacturing and the physical distribution through our partners. We also are on digital distribution’s platforms of our choice.

We manage everything from the operations and the special cases. Especialy to stimulate the physical sales during concerts. Depending of the opportunities, it’s possible to work an special merch.
If others want to use the recordings,we study the offers, and sometimes give authorization.

We barely accept to work on finished product (already made and ready to distribush) because we aspire to more participation. The same goes with projects where we can’t manage the digital distribution.

We organize training and meetings to share knowledge and establish the target after the release date.

  • For any partnership or special project

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