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As publisher, we make copies, take care of the publishing, the distribution and conquering the market.

We also deal with the monitoring and the payment.

Of course, in every possible negociation with the artist, we respect the moral rights before everything else. We are always in contact with the author if the work needs changes (example: visual content).

Explaining situations to authors is easy for us because we have a lot of knowledge about intellectual property. We believe in sharing ideas to make the work better. In fact, we have plenty of courses unit. So we are here to help authors, editors and even staff from Societies of Authors.

We have special representative to deal with our relation with the SACEM We can accomplish lots of formalities and verifications. The work we edit is register to the SACEM’s repertory. .

We can also search for broadcasting in radio, tv or concert.

Audiovisual producers and advertizing agencies can also contact us to work together.

According to the opportunities, we release authorization to authors and can even participate to the funding to promote the artist’s work by our production and promotion activities.

  • For any partnership or special project

    Please use the contact form to get in touch with us