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On Thursday, December 25th 1986, Santa Claus himself offered Allan Hurd his very first guitar. Thus, at age 8, Allan began strumming his first chords in his quiet suburban hometown. A few years later, as any rock-inclined teenager would, he starts fiddling with effect pedals and a kick-drum to add girth to his sound, delivering his own flavour of blues, grunge and rock.

Later, as a student of Architecture, Lymphoma crossed his path, not knowing who it was up against. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that’s exactly what happened. He kicked that cancer’s butt, and for some twenty years now Allan has been living his dream of building stuff and creating music.
Allan Hurd’s signer-songwriting repertoire is unique, his poetry cynical, tonge-in-cheeky and touching. His natural, sincere and modest stage presence was appraised in many contests, where he received the SOCAN award, Tele Québec’s Fabrique Culturelle award twice, two SODEC bursaries for charisma & originality (yup…) and won first prize in the St-Ambroise Music Festival singer-songwriter category.

Allan Hurd is also a sound engineer and produces his own recordings, working both for himself and with other artists. As an entrepreneur, he also delves into architectural design and knows how to build a house from the ground up. Might he be somewhat hyperactive? In any case, his debut album is said to be the first of a trilogy, entitled TDAH vol.1 (french acronym for ADHD). Already distributed in Canada and on the web since August 2016 (available for streaming on his website), we’ve decided to reach out and help him start treading his first steps on French soil. A little promo work and a physical album release (CD format) just for kicks, we enjoy sharing the warmth of some wholesome French folk music, straight from Quebec.

By the way, Allan Hurd has also composed the soundtrack for a few shorts, like Nancy-Lyne Beaudry’s ‘Célia’ screened at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and Albert Kwan’s ‘Nos derniers souffles’. Let’s not forget ‘Belo 66000’ and its 28,716,261 YouTube views at the time this presentation is being written.


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