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Arteskor Orkestra is a large jazz ensemble with an aesthetic that refers to the “impressionist” current of French art music of the early 20th century (Debussy, Ravel).

The original compositions are by Laurent Bonnot. Ten exceptional musicians have come together to offer music that is intelectual, contemporary and resolutely accessible to all.

Sylvaine Hélary (flute and bass flute ), Balthazar Naturel (oboe and English horn), Stéphane Guillaume (soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone), Élodie Pasquier (clarinet), Maxime Berton (bass clarinet and baritone saxophone), Armand Dubois-Gourut (French horn), Corentin Billet (French horn), Manuel Rocheman (piano), Laurent Bonnot (acoustic bass) et Louis Moutin (drums).

Laurent Bonnot is a French bassist and composer from Bourgogne and son of an accordionist. Steeped in traditional music, he learned the violin at the age of 6, then learned classical music and playing the guitar. He’s graduate of the Dijon Conservatory and have a Master degree in Musicology, he is also interested in Latin music and arranging techniques for Big Band. Based in Paris, he studied at the CIM school and then at the Didier Lockwood Music Center.

He mainly plays bass and voluntarily participates in various musical projects including pop-rock, which allows him to tour a lot.

He produced his first album “The Time of Monsters” in 2015 where great names of jazz rub shoulders (Dave Liebman, Emmanuel Bex) and recognized musicians of the French scene (Raphaële Atlan, Romain Pilon, David Venitucci, Anthony Jambon).

In the second album “Hermit’s Dream” (2016), freedom is essential and the bass speaks on equal terms with the guitar of Serge Lazarevitch, the clarinets of Laurent Dehors and the voice or bugle of Médéric Collignon.

His third album “Black Lion” (2018) is recorded in sextet with Manu CodjiaPierre de Bethmann, Sylvain Beuf, Pierrick Pédron and Franck Agulhon. In December 2019, Laurent Bonnot recorded “Songs for Oscar” in quartet with the great American pianist Marc Copland, the Spanish drummer Ramon Lopez and the Bulgarian trombonist Gueorgui Kornazov. He offers the recording to Paul Bessone. The album will be released digitally in June 2020. A limited edition (CD digipack) is scheduled for fall 2020.


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