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Georges Beckerich is a composer and trumpet player from Luxembourg. He studied harmony and counterpoint at the Conservatory of Ettelbruck and in 1973, he won the 1st prize for trumpet with great distinction at the National Conservatory of Esch sur Alzette. He moved to France in the 1980s.
Georges Beckerich was marked by the diversity and ingenuity of jazz trumpeters such as Miles Davis, Tony Fruscella or Booker Little, but also by the creative and innovative approaches of English musicians, from the Canterbury school, in particular by Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine) and Ian Carr (Nucleus).
For almost 40 years, Georges Beckerich has been collaborating: Romane, Michel Graillier, Andy Emler, Christian Escoude, Daniel Huck, Eddy Louiss, Emmanuel Bex, JF Jenny-Clarke, Daniel Humair, Ernesto Tito Puentes, Bojan Z, Louis Winsberg and Angelique Kidjo.
He also participates in several large ensembles such as the prestigious Caravansérail directed by Jacques Bolognesi or still Quoi de Neuf Docteur ? directed by Serge Adam.

In 2013, he recorded “Intrigues”, his first album as a leader. For the occasion, he is surrounded by a dozen musicians including Gary Brunton.

Winner of the Jazz at La Défense competition in 1987 with the Xamahal group and the Jazz and Polar competition in 1991 with Cas GB, he also participated in around thirty albums like “Triple Idiome” (Bex, Pino, Teslar), Romane & The Frédéric Manoukian Orchestra, “Sentimental Feeling” by Eddy Louiss or “La Dolce Vita” with Le Grand Orchester by Hervé Krief.

After four years of production and recordings between France and Japan, Georges Beckerich produced TOUPIA. This album is composed like a travel diary. Inspired by lived moments and surrounded by a dozen musicians, Georges Beckerich transforms his compositions into stories and develops a certain search for sound material through samples, while leaving jazz and prog rock to rub shoulders. In early 2020, he presented the fruit of his work to Paul Bessone and described all the compositions and their stories. They decided to share them digital in the summer and then in the fall with a digipack CD edition.

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