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Haboyan Pallaro, is the meeting of two musicians with singular backgrounds. We find in their music all kinds of influences: rock and jazz, classical music, African, Indian, contemporary composers … everything that feeds jazz today.
From 2009 to 2019, we find them in the great ensemble Pee Bee, co-directed by Claudio Pallaro and Gary Brunton (Night Bus). Always driven by the desire to play together, Claudio Pallaro and Didier Haboyan continued their collaboration and initiated the project “ONE PAGE“, which reveals two personalities, two different approaches but the same language. They first formed a quartet without harmonic instruments (two saxophones, double bass, drums) which turned into a quintet with vibraphone.


CLAUDIO PALLARO – music, tenor saxophone
Born in 1964 in Geneva and of Italian descent, Claudio Pallaro learnt to play tenor saxophone in a marching band, but he quickly started to learn and play jazz at the A.M.R., a well-known music school in Switzerland.
After graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 1990, Pallaro moved to Paris and started to play in jazz-clubs as a sideman and with « Dis Bonjour à la Dame », a famous French acid-jazz band of the 1990s.
He played among others with Pierre Perchaud, Bruno Schorp, Luc Isenmann, Antoine Paganotti, Benjamin Moussay, Andrea Micchelutti, David Patrois, Frédéric Loiseau, Guillaume de Chassy et Gary Brunton. With the latter, Pallaro founded the large ensemble « PEE-BEE » in 2007 and was the main composer and arranger until 2021.


DIDIER HABOYAN – music, saxophone alto and flute
Born in 1954 in Paris, this former truant student in music conservatories and of the Sorbonne university will soon be caught in the wake of Charlie Parker, then John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman.
His touching and personnal blues feeling, his Bop roots, his open mind and his sense of collaboration will make him approach all kinds of music and in particular the one of Hubert Dupont with « Pocket trio » and « Altissimo » bands in the 90’s.
He also plays with Phil Sellam, P.O.Govin, Guillaume Orti, Christophe Marguet, Jean-Claude Oleksiak, Alain Jean-Marie, François Théberge, Eric Barret.
He also makes a long run with Claudio Pallaro and Gary Brunton from 2009 to 2020 in the « Pee-Bee » band.
In keeping with his open mind set , he multiplies the collaborations since then  with : Tiphenn Fauchois, Tommie Mc Kenzie, Eddie Allen, Katy Roberts, Rasul Siddik, Armando Assouline, Joe Langley, Duylin Nguyen, Sangoma Everett, Georges-Édouard Nouël, Jef Sicard, Benjamin Duboc, John Betsch.


DAVID PATROIS – vibraphone, marimba
Born in 1965, David begins his musical studies with classical percussions and graduates in 1986. Then he decides to focus on vibraphone in the jazz idiom. Coming to Paris, he takes lessons with François Jeanneau, David Friedman, Daniel Humair and gets a scholarship from the cultural ministry of France to spend one year to study with Gary Burton in Berklee school of music. Back to france in1989, he gets many prices from various jazz contests, and plays with great french musicians (Aldo Romano, Michel Benita, Louis Winsberg, Bojan Z, Hervé Sellin, Daniel Humair, J.F. Jenny-Clarck and many others…). Between 1995 et 1999, he mostly plays with his quintet with Sylvain Beuf, Frédéric Favarel, Christophe Wallemme, Benjamin Henocq. In 1998, “Another Trio “, very inspired by african music with Jean Jacques Avenel on double bass and kora, and Pierre Marcault on percussions. They play in various clubs and festivals, make a residence in Cotonou-Benin, and get the felicitations from the great Jack Dejohnette.  In 2003, he makes a tour in europe with Ravi Coltrane, Mark Turner, Olivier Gatto and Benjamin Henocq. His project « Trio + 2 » is contemporary jazz oriented with various grooves (jazz, ethnic, rock…), and large spacial sound with Jean Charles Richard, Luc Isenmann, Sébastien Llado and Pierre Durand. In 2017, he explores the Goldberg Variations from JS Bach with classical piano player Remi Masunaga, and comes back to African / fusion grooves with his old Fellow Pierre Marcault in 2019 with « Wild Poetry ».
He also teaches vibraphone and jazz ensembles in the conservatoire regional de Paris, and is frequently asked for master classes.


HUBERT DUPONT – double-bass
Paris based Hubert Dupont explores the secret and tortuous paths of creative music with passion. This craftsman and explorer enjoys new formal constraints as well as total improvisation; pure acoustic as well as pure electronic. He also likes his jazz to go and meet other cultures, but never denies his own musical world. He performed from Canada to Egypt, from Finland to Senegal or China.
On the double-bass, he leads Trio Aurore, with French-serbian Tosha Vukmirovic and Palestinian Youssef Hbeisch , or French-iranian Keyvan Chemirani – and Smart Grid, a contemporary jazz quartet he initiated with indo-new-yorker saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa.
He is also a member of Kartet, along with Benoît Delbecq, Guillaume Orti, and drummers Stéphane Galland, Chander Sardjoe, Samuel Ber.
He also performed and recorded with Nelson Veras, Brice Wassy, Magic Malik, Prabhu Edouard, digital artists Tom Mays and Renaud Rubiano ; Fabrizio Cassol, Wolfgang Puschnig, Airelle Besson… He is also a member of Stéphane Payen’s group « Thôt », and the senegalese adventure Sabar Ring. In the 1990’s he was already a working sideman (Robin Eubanks, Steve Lacy, Harold Land, Glenn Ferris, Calvin Weston, Stefano Di Battista,… ) and an agitator of Paris alternative jazz scene.
Hubert Dupont has been teaching clinics and master-classes, in France, Finland, Algeria…


He performed with Sergent Garcia, Abd-al-Malik, Aaron, Hindi Zahra, Erik Truffaz, Glenn Ferris, Matthieu Michel, Ibrahim Maalouf, Laurent De Wilde, Pierrick Pedron, Eric Legnini, Fred Pallem & Le Sacre du Tympan, Thomas de Pourquery, Jeanne Added, Louis Winsberg, Malcolm Braff, le Paris Jazz Big Band, Patrick Artero, Baptiste Trotignon, Michelle Hendricks, Jean-Pierre Como, Stéphane Belmondo, Vincent Artaud, Oxmo Puccino, André Manoukian, Sanseverino, Kad Mérad, Fred Wesley, Manu Katché, David Sanchez, l’ONJ, China Moses, Eric Lelann … and with the metal band Welcome X by Philippe Bussonnet (Magma) and a project with Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

Photographies by Marco Castro

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