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Jimm is born in Tulle (Corrèze) at the begining of the 80’s. He started playing guitare at the age of 13 after discovering rock with Guns’n’ Roses and the Pixies. Despite that, he first played classic guitar before going for a rock one at 16.
He created his first band and had his first concert one year later. He waited a few years before singing.

Since 2013, Jimm performs in a trio. He also plays with the australian Simon Chainsaw. Jimm uses Gibson Les Paul (Classic, Standard and Custom), as well as Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and Marshall JCM 800’s amplifier.

His favorit guitarists are Slash, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Jack E.Lee, R.Blackmore and Mark Tremonti. He also likes Therapy?, Deftones, Creed, Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Muse, Finch, Rise Against, the Ramones and the Sex Pistols.

When composing, Jimm mixes everything he listen to: rock, punk, metal, guitar solo and french text.

In 2013, his first album is produced by Francis Caste (Loudblast, The Arrs).
In 2015, Fred Duquesne (Watcha, Mass Hysteria) is the executive producer of the album IN[CAN]DECENCE.

Summer 2018, Paul Bessone discovered Jimm and offered to work on DISTORSION CÉRÉBRALE (mixed by Fred Duquesne) and available during autumn.

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