Juste une Trace



Laurent Mignard didn’t originally set out to become a musician.
In 2002 he came to Paul Bessone with his “Suites” by the Pocket Quartet. “Pocket”, of course, because he plays a pocket trumpet.

Challenge is our middle name which led us to record “Good News” after having put out the album “Alter Tropics”. The impossible came true and Laurent Mignard was rewarded by receiving the Révélation Jazz prize for top new talent at the legendary Juan le Pins Jazz Festival, and was selected (Sélection FIP) top pick of the month by FIP, the famous Paris radio station.

The world keeps changing and Laurent Mignard decides to promote innovative projects which have been sprouting up everywhere, in every field, and only ask to keep on expanding.
Values for the future are inexorably imposing themselves: regeneration of the earth, actions cultivating mutual respect, rediscovering the individual, brotherhood, sharing with others, creativity, spirituality…roads are numerous for concrete action taken together.

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