Juste une Trace



Paul Bessone discovered this impressively powerful group through Valentin Lavy, a student at IMM in Paris. It has everything: great lyrics, a concept and most of all the dynamic of a band that stands out of the crowd.

LCDK presents a somber, violent and enchanting world: the story of Karl; that of a man struck by Korsakoff’s syndrome, a neurological illness caused by alcohol abuse and severe malnutrition. Karl can’t remember his past so he is forced to believe things that have never happened. The recorded compositions and live performances are heart rending scraps of life.

Accomplished musicians who move easily from improvisations to nonconventional musical structures, LCKD was formed in 2010 by the bassist-singer Geoffrey Grangé and the drummer Quentin Lavy.
The duo was directly influenced by the criminal case ‘L’Auberge Rouge” while putting together their first repertoire. Five songs were immortalized form this period on their self-produced vinyl album entitled “The Cut-Throat”.

The duo then moved on to Karl and his fantasizing. The repertoire fell together at the end of 2011 when the cellist Marie-Claude Condamin joined the group; and then was broken in and fine tuned on stage roughly twenty times before being recorded during the summer of 2012.


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