Juste une Trace



Monogamy is not on tour and not in the studio. They have disappeared from the radar. We suspect they may have returned to outer space from where they came. This band’s lyrics are drenched in science fiction references and creates an atmosphere that makes people drink, dance and have a good time.

After we met with Monogamy a few times, they seduced us with their live set. In 2016 they recorded an album that can be described as a death disco mix of genres that is hard to describe. We decided to embark on an adventure with them. Then, the following year, the members of Monogamy disbanded and headed off to Mars, Venus and Jupiter in search of a better life.

However, their album, The New Odyssey, still existed. Now we find ourselves playing the role of archeologists, ensuring the conservation of these tracks for future generations to appreciate. These furious and bizarre compositions, by Santosh Lalonde (lead vocal, accordeon, casio, sax), Alex Harvey (drums), Mike Rigby (bass) and David Groover (guitar) must be preserved for the sake of history.

This group of talented extra terrestrials may regroup one day, in one form or another, but until then we have to make do with this timeless album.

Traces of musky funk appear out of nowhere like comets. Mutations of zydeco and spaghetti western orbit like belts of asteroids. Everything is spicy. The New Odyssey is a death disco voyage for the horny, and will be available soon on the streaming platforms of your choice.

Santosh Lalonde – photo Edith Gaudy
David Groover – photo Edith Gaudy
Mike Rigby – photo Edith Gaudy
Alex Harvey – photo Edith Gaudy
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