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Being used to jam sessions and decibels, OZMA’s musicians compose borderless music and perform in many countries.

In 2006 OZMA was awarded the Grand Prix d’Orchestre prize by the Jazz à la Defense Festival. Member of the jury, Laurent Mignard took notice of this promising group and introduced them to Paul Bessone a short time after.

Paul remembers their meeting was an odd one; the musicians were very young, curious, motivated and good players, but at the same time quite unfocused. They needed some direction.

The recording, mix and mastering of “Electric Taxi Land” was entrusted to Ken Ploquin (Lofofora, George Clinton, Etienne Daho, Ekova as well as Alain Bashung) so that he would capture and bring to life all the energy of the group. Laurent Mignard gave a helping hand with artistic input before during and after the recording sessions. This first album was released the following year; the group then set out on tour for almost two years.

Ideas and projects keep coming. They have established a real relationship based on confidence with the label which has brought on autonomy.

To handle their many creations they set up an independent management team and continue to call on Paul Bessone to consult on a wide range of topics. The support has led to the release of three other albums on the label and the continuation of a free spirited partnership.


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