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In 2007, Claudio Pallaro and Gary Brunton launched an invitation to thirty or so musicians from the Paris area to meet up weekly. PEE BEE was born. Early performances included collaboration with dancers, painters, slam poetry as well as Soundpainting language. Since 2010 the group is dedicated to composing and arranging new pieces and creative covers. The music has become more refined, incisive, proposing organised structures for improvers to play with. Several recent compositions have included collaborations with lyricists.

The team is made up of Claudio Pallaro (tenor saxophone), Gary Brunton (double bass, electric bass, vocal), Luc Isenmann (drums), Daniele Israel (trombone), Vincent Renaudineau (trombone), Gilles Relisieux (trumpet), Jérémie Bernard (trumpet), Frédéric Loiseau (guitar), Didier Haboyan (alto saxophone, flute), Éric Desbois (baritone & soprano saxophone), David Patrois (vibraphone) et Sandrine Deschamps (vocal).

PEE BEE – Photo Nathalie Courau-Roudier

Of course, their elegant repertoire evolves according to each new project, but the sumptuous arrangements remain. When Pee Bee plays, they care not for stylistic frontiers. They are a multifaceted jazz outfit who get their inspiration from swing, rock, pop, world… offering up a moment of pure musical bliss. Fresh from their surreal hommage to all things Italian (Dolce Vita 2017), Pee Bee join Juste Une Trace in 2019 and cross now the English Channel revisiting England with «OR not to BE»


From the pop cultures of swinging London in the 60s and 70s to the pomp of the National Anthem, from the brass bands of the Yorkshire miners to Greensleeves, there can be no escape from the masterful menace of Pee Bee’s classy, quirky arrangements and original compositions.

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