Juste une Trace



Split Brain is not only a Metal band with Melodic Death and Thrash influences. His musics, his lyrics, his sounds and the spirits spread are going for beyond the limits of the genre.

In 2006, Nico (guitar) and Aco (drums) created a first Metal band. Rémi (vocals) and Christophe (bass) join them. In 2009, they recorded their first EP called « Indécis ». Then, Fred (guitar) completed the original line-up.

In 2012, they produced the EP « Unstatic» and played in different places such as the festival Les Zicophonies. In 2015, they released the EP « Orpheline ». Since then, they are supported by the Grange À Musique (smac) and did the first part of Dagoba.

In 2018, Damien became the bassist of the group. During Summer, for producing Metal recordings, Paul Bessone suggested an interesting way to put the album together with risks, direct and live analog recordings. At the end of 2018, Juste Une Trace produced their first album : « Discours Idylliques» will be released in Spring 2019.

Split Brain is not only for Metal’s lovers. This project is also for people who love discovering and following project with such an identity.

For the curious, be aware that Split Brain really suits his name. This term is usually used to describe the separation between the two brain’s hemispheres. The world we live in is in constant confrontation: we don’t reflect anymore, or if we do, we don’t do it well. This split of the society is due to the lack of dialogue. This duality is well noticeable in the lyrics and in the compositions. Split Brain is a mirror.


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