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Way back at the beginning of the 90’s Paul Bessone came across the first albums by TREPONEM PAL. He also remembers a deliberately inflammatory concert at the New Moon and in particular Marco Neves who, while continuing to sing, scissored a nasty guy’s head between his legs for part of the show.

Since that time Marco has gone through several decades of underground culture. With fiery, subversive albums, a forerunner, in your face partnerships (Young Gods, KMFDM) and first class international touring invitations (Nine Inch Nails, Prong, Ministry, Faith, No More, Godflesh, Killing Joke), TREPONEM PAL has become a major force of the “Industrial” scene.

When Paul met Marco, beginning of 2012, he already knew the history of the group. He found them phenomenal, very “rock & roll”, at times “dub”, almost disconcerting, with highs and lows, sound, noise and silence.
TREPONEM PAL had spent many months making “SURVIVAL SOUNDS” and yet nobody wanted to be part of the adventure and release the album. What to do?

Several days later their performance at the “Langage des Viscères” show in Paris confirmed the strength of the group.
Very quickly, lively and frank discussions got underway.

Several months later, « Survival Sounds » was lauded by the press: « Impressive return, bacteria is getting back its beautiful colors » (Obskure), « TREPONEM PAL keeps the flame of intelligent noise burning. And never forget, the groove is on for the ride… » (Rolling Stone), « one of the great successes of its recording history » (Rock Hard) …

Then, they came up with “Evil Music for Evil People”… Where “Survival Sounds” tracks are remixed by the best of the underground scene these last decades, by artists who love TREPONEM PAL: Lofofora, Punish Yourself, Asian Dub Foundation, Dee Nasty…

In 2017, Rockers’ Vibes celebrates the band’s thirtiest birthday with original Treponem Pal tracks and a bunch of covers twisted their own way. Years have passed but time has no power on their music. On the opposite, it is all timesless and of an absolute vitality.
Treponem Pal’s music has always been a loud patchwork. Extreme modernity and corrosive old school merge permanently. The band has become a master in the art of juggling with riffs and words, the art of forging sounds and hammering beats, the art of combining spontaneity and machines. Rockers’ Vibes is in the vein, but also has a few surprises in store.


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