Singer-songwriter-guitarist Paul Péchenart, well known on the rock scene with his legendary band (the Dogs), offers a simple and modern album, lyrics that sound. The sincerity, the frankness and the clarity of his words allow us to listen with our eyes closed and then to find our way.

Ce Que Tanguer Veut Dire is a rock album, alternative, soft and natural.



Vicki Rummler makes giant strides with her bucolic folk composed outdoors during a stay at the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (Michigan). After forays into the jazz sphere in the last ten years, or with the Grandes Gueules, Vicki Rummler returns to her first loves, folk, and offers us a personal, refined and intimate album.


Duke Ellington loved women who returned the sentiment; this passion for womankind inspired his oeuvre throughout his long career. The Duke Ladies are those whom he frequented, whose portraits he painted or who sang for him, embellished with subtle and refined arrangements. His music paid homage to them with tenderness and humor.
The Duke Ladies are also the sincere and passionate feminine artists of our time who have come together to incarnate with talent and generosity the many facets of Ellington’s art. And since the maestro of charm considered that music is a woman, we dare to proclaim that women are the future of Duke! With Duke Ladies, Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra proposes a wide instrumental and vocal range in homage to the feminine gent. Eight invited artists like Natalie Dessay, Rhoda Scott and Roberta Gambarini join the jazzwomen of the orchestra to embody with talent and generosity the multiple facets of Ellingtonian elegance.

«Best classical jazz recordings 2021» by Jazz Academy (L’Académie du Jazz)


Music is a beautiful woman in her prime,
Music is a scrubwoman, clearing away
the dirt and grime.
Music is a girl child,
Simple, sweet and beaming,
A thousand years old,
Cold as sleet, and scheming.
In search of the perfect balance of the sounds and with an impeccable swing, Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra embodies the spirit of Ellington in today’s body (Télérama). And since the maestro did not leave scores, he meticulously transcribed the repertoire from the original recordings, that his dream-team of soloists appropriated themselves in interpretations both respectful and creative. A work of goldsmith (Jazz magazine).
Seven invited artists like Natalie Dessay, Rhoda Scott and Roberta Gambarini join the jazzwomen of the orchestra to embody with passion and generosity the multiple facets of Ellingtonian elegance.


Hong is a delicate, subtle and very original album. The “traditional” jazz Big Band is revisited. The flute and the oboe replace the trumpets, the clarinet, the soprano saxophone and the bass clarinet replace the saxophones and the horns take the place of the trombones. Counterpoint, modern compositional techniques (musical palindrome) as well as the contribution of the Sonata form (bi-thematic, tri-thematic) are the foundation of Arteskor Orkestra.
The album can be listened to like watching great cinema. The casting is dreamy, the scenes follow one another, the dialogues are rich, the emotions are flowing. The whole thing is projected meticulously, carefully and passionately.


VOGUE LA GALERE is a playful, spontaneous and invigorating album. Missri transports us with such lightness, a certain recklessness, in imaginary lands.
All the songs are about some situations Missri hd been confronted to but he never unveils completely his presence. He talks about love almost everywhere. The album is full of folk songs, with some bluegrass. Some simples melodies follow each other with a well organized orchestration.


LE COEUR SEC is a full French album by JAY AND THE COOKS. Original songs by Jay Ryan except one cover by Serge Gainsbourg.

All the songs tell stories inspired by real life stories or pretty close to reality. Jay Ryan takes a look at society through the eyes of an American that has lived for more than 30 years in France, who reads the New York Times and Le Parisien every day, devours books, loves cooking French cuisine and walks daily through his disfigured suburban Parisian neighborhood.


All aboard the Night Bus for Second Trip with Gary Brunton, Bojan Z and Simon Goubert.
Barely a year since their first album bagged rave reviews in Downbeat, this award winning jazz trio have been back in the studio. Their fabulous album, Second Trip is produced by the legendary François Jeanneau.
Original compositions by Brunton are balanced against witty arrangements of two Bowie songs and a sneaky jazz standard.
The energy is intimate but playful, an elegant spontaneity that showcases the sublime skills of three of today’s foremost jazz artists – but also captures the sheer joy of old friends reunited and heading out together again.


Politics, ecology, religion, BAGDAD RODEO hits hard and fair on everything. The group engages in a real high-flying exercise where everyone takes for his rank and where provocation, vulgarity, rudeness hide well-felt truths.
This boiling rebellion pleases all. THREE has a primary quality: it makes you laugh from beginning to end, whether it is first, second or third degree.
Always as acerbic in the text, BAGDAD RODEO gives us an album with multiple colors, rich and varied arrangements, all sprinkled with a rock power of which only the band has the secret.

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Toupia is the fruit of 4 years of production, exchanges between a dozen inspired musicians, recordings in several cities in France and Japan. This concept album presents 12 paintings, like 12 subjects. The composer and trumpeter Georges Beckerich is inspired by real facts and highlights from his life. He leads us by the ears in a universe where jazz and prog rock are transformed into a sound chronicle, where each riff is a variation of a memory evoked in music.


On August 17, 1969 it was hot and had been raining non-stop in the small town of Bethel, NY where Woodstock was being held. At 3 o’clock on the 3rd day of the festival, Barry «The Fish» Melton got on stage with Country Joe. 50 years later on September 26, 2019 we find him on a Chinese Junk docked along the Seine river in Paris with Jay and the Cooks. LIVE AT LA DAME DE CANTON is a fabulous recorded concert produced by Juste Une Trace.

Recorded concert available on the digital music service of your choice


Laurent Bonnot (bass) invites Marc Copland (piano), Ramon Lopez (drums) and Gueorgui Kornazov (trombone) to shape his compositions. Four unparalleled jazz musicians come together to paint a musical watercolor of impressionist and impressive beauty. Hypnotic bass lines, millimeter rhythms, sophisticated harmonies and subtle melodies, the art of balance has rarely been expressed so well.