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Traveling along the Mississippi guarantees one a complete change of scenery. Music is everywhere and is represented on numerous facades, walls and buildings. The landscapes are what might be called «soundscapes». The Franco-Canadian Edith Gaudy has taken photographs of this music.
In the Bayou as in urban areas music diffuses itself thanks to the river. Blues, Cajun, Country, Folk…as many branches as there are tributaries.

You can rent the photo exhibition UP THE MISSISSIPPI for the length of time you wish (at least one week). Classic exhibition: 15 photographs – printed on large format foam core cardboard (85cm x 57cm). According to the space you have available and your particular needs, we can offer other dimensions and media formats, as well as more (or fewer) photographs.



The exhibition UP THE MISSISSIPPI can be coupled with the musical show by Jay and The Cooks

There are several options available depending on the venue

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Photographs : Edith Gaudy

Classic exhibition : 15 photographs – printed on large format foam core cardboard (85cm x 57cm)

Production : Juste Une Trace
With the support of the IMM

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