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BAGDAD RODEO presents the video “Revolution Vendetta”. A hymn to resistance and freedom. This incisive title is the first extract of the album “Quatre – L’Album sans Fin – Part 1”.

“Revolution Vendetta” stands out for its bold words and rebellious energy, bearing the characteristic imprint of BAGDAD RODEO. The words of Bishop Delatourette and Christobal Sanchez del Rodéo testify to an unwavering determination to remain true to oneself despite external pressures.

“Still alive, still there,
Not ready to walk,
Not ready to shut my mouth in front of you
I won’t bend, I won’t change
The rodeo will win
Revolution vendetta, fist raised in front of you”

The video was directed by Bertrand Boissimon, in the cold, perhaps in the east. The sobriety of the images contrasts with the energy of the title. The quality of the photography is undeniable. Simple, raw, authentic: real rock that spoils. With words like “I’m not dead, you won’t get me”, BAGDAD RODEO refuses to submit to the norm and continues to claim its identity.

“Revolution Vendetta” is a direct response to the current challenges of society, a call for perseverance and the defense of fundamental rights. The lyrics embody the vision of BAGDAD RODEO, a militant group that takes you on a rodeo of social satire and caustic humor.

“The fight is more relevant than ever, and BAGDAD RODEO will always be ready to take part. The exile is over…” says the group.


QUATRE – L’ALBUM SANS FIN – PART.1 by BAGDAD RODEO is hereRelease date 26 january 2024


The world of rock is often home to artists who use music as a means of transmitting messages of resistance and rebellion. In this vein, Bagdad Rodeo stands out for its vibrant commitment and determination to make its voice heard.

The enigmatic title “Revolution Vendetta” seems to be the mantra of Bagdad Rodeo, reflecting a call to action, resistance and perseverance. The lyrics express a categorical refusal to comply with established norms and a bold challenge to authority figures. «Not ready to walk», says the group, stressing a determination to follow its own path. “Revolution Vendetta” is now available on all streaming platforms and is featured on QUATRE – L’ALBUM SANS FIN – PART.1 (released January 26, 2024).

References to Baghdad and the “rodeo” add layers of complexity and can be interpreted in various ways. Baghdad, often associated with political conflicts, could symbolize the struggle against oppression, while the “rodeo” could evoke the tumultuous nature of life and struggle.

An Affirmation of Freedom
Bagdad Rodeo does not just resist silently. The words underscore the continuing desire to be there to be heard, to break censorship and to proclaim their rights. It is an ode to freedom of expression, to the will to say what many think quietly.

Fist raised as a sign of challenge
The imagery of the “fist raised in front of you” is a powerful symbol of challenge and opposition. It is a bold statement affirming the continued presence of the group, elusive to death, persistent despite the challenges.

A musical force of revolt
By combining powerful lyrics with explosive rock energy, Bagdad Rodeo emerges as a musical force of revolt. Their music not only draws crowds, but also inspires reflection and change.

Committed rock fans will certainly find a powerful voice in Bagdad Rodeo. Their hymn of rebellion, “Revolution Vendetta“, resonates as a call to action, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, music can be a driving force for change. Bagdad Rodeo invites us to raise our fists, to resist and to fight for a world where freedom and justice prevail.


QUATRE – L’ALBUM SANS FIN – PART.1 by BAGDAD RODEO is hereRelease date 26 january 2024


Natural Element Quartet release their debut album Premier Element. The Parisian quartet featuring Clément Thirion on double bass, Franck Morin on piano, Renaud Védie on guitar and Patrick Chenais on drums, Natural Element Quartet offers a bewitching mosaic of harmonies, elegantly fusing jazz tints, contemporary nuances and improvised accents.

Since 2017, the stars seem to be aligning, guiding these four musicians towards a most inspired encounter, where a musical as well as human understanding blossoms naturally. A deep love for the melodies of great masters such as John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler and Marc Copland is the catalyst, feeding their burning desire to immerse themselves in them and express themselves in a unique way. In this quartet, three of the musicians compose. The genesis of their own carefully woven musical universe is thus embodied in original compositions, the fruit of each member’s artistic journey.

The album Premier Element is a tribute to the art of creation, where the harmony of the instruments intertwines with the sensitivity of the musicians. The music transcends the boundaries of time and space, inviting the audience to plunge into a sonic environment where each note is a star dancing in the ether of time. Natural Element Quartet’s jazz is for sharing!


Franck Morin (Piano)
Renaud Védie (Guitar)
Clément Thirion (Double bass)
Patrick Chenais (Drums)

Recorded by Patrick Chenais at Studio Aéronef
Mixed and mastered byAntoine Karacostas
Artwork by Clément Thirion
Design and photographies by Olyric
Production : Patrick Chenais

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Release date : 17 november 2023. The album PREMIER ELEMENT by NATURAL ELEMENT QUARTET is available here


« Mon coin de ciel » is the seventh album by Paul Péchenart. Authentic Rock guitarist and co-founder of the Dogs in the 70s, Paul Péchenart tirelessly composes new songs.

Like Paul Péchenart’s last albums, the writing and production of the music took place over a period of about 2 years. Most of the songs are original, unpublished and recent. The general tone is reminiscent of the one already explored in previous productions. We only talk about what we know well. In this case, it is cities, relationships, travels, questions and surprises that it is.
If it were a film, it would be classified in dramatic comedies where the lightness of images meets darker atmospheres. The opposition of these opposites gives relief to the whole. The emotional context is tinged with melancholy but also sunny enthusiasm.
Talking about this new album is talking about songs, translations in words and sounds of what makes the salt of our days. It is to speak of Paul Péchenart’s personal way of looking at the world and the people who inhabit it.

Paul Péchenart (Lead vocals, guitars, ukulele)
Paul Péchenart Junior (guitars, percussions, piano, background vocals)
Esteban Avellan (Bass, electric guitar)
Théo Bertou (Drums, percussions)
Camille Feist (vocals on « Plus léger que l’air », background vocals)
François Casaÿs (Keyboards)

All songs and compositions by Paul Péchenart
Arrangements by Paul Péchenart Junior and Esteban Avellan
Recorded and mixed by François Casaÿs | Accès Digital
Photos : Vincent Gilot and Ben Gaston for Camille Feist
Artwork : Carole Cettolin
Production by Paul Péchenart, Paul Péchenart Junior, Esteban Avellan and Théo Bertou
Release date :  10-11-2023

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MON COIN DE CIEL by Paul Péchenart is available here

Ni!L presents the album “Saṃsāra”

Saṃsāra is a stoner rock album, a little garage and grunge, sung in French.
For Ni!L, the Saṃsāra is a reflection of a thirst for existence, of successive rebirths. The 10 titles are stages of an unending journey where everyone meets the ups and downs of life, while seeking liberation. Cycles of suffering and rebirth follow. Inspired by dark or light sounds, but also by poetry and spirituality, Ni!L offers a carefully thought out album but all in spontaneity, without frills to keep the impact and flexibility of a duo, the power of a tandem. The formula is quite surprising but the result confirms that everything is possible with time, feet on the ground and head in clouds.

Each title is a metaphor that explores deep themes of our time. A first peculiarity opens the album: “Smarana“, which means “remember” in Sanskrit, is the link between the old sound of Ni!L and the new two-way balance. Samples of the two previous self-produced albums are integrated here and there throughout the instrumental title, as a mise en abye of the transition: from one album to another, from one track to another, but also from one state to another, physical or emotional.

Bardenas“, the first single presented in mid-June, evokes the personal crossing of the desert, the inner journey, as well as the quest for knowledge, truth and meaning.
In a perfect «grunge tradition», the concealed depression (En Surface), the madness of male/female relationships and moral harassment (Le Banquet), or the grip of toxic relationships and the difficulty to free oneself from them (Entaille), are as many societal subjects approached more or less frontally.

Serveur” reminds us of the importance of authentic human relationships in a world that evolves at the pace of ultimately antisocial networks. It encourages us to unplug the plug and get away from these 2.0 poisons that are gangrene the web.
Sunyata“, an instrumental title, serves as a link with «Tamiser», a piece with a more heavy aesthetic, highlighting the devastating consequences of climate change on our planet and the frustration in the face of collective inaction.

So yes, the subjects are heavy (Entaille) and reflect a society often abused. Yet Ni!L’s approach is almost comforting. We don’t fall into terror. We hear a real indie rock album.
Like a lighthouse in the dark, “Toucher le Nord” guides us on the paths of the stoner. It evokes commitment, the future, otherness. This title is resolutely bright and dynamic, like a promise of hope in a tormented world.
«Saṃsāra» is the eponymous title that ends the album but also means «transition». Music seems to take over everything (there will probably be a sequel, perhaps successive existences?).

In summary, the album “Saṃsāra” is a musical journey in a grunge and sincere atmosphere. Ni!L invite the listener to dive into the meanderings of the human soul. It reminds us that we are all made of shadow and light, joy and sadness, love and pain.

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