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Bardenas by Ni!L

The stoner rock duo Ni!L plunges us into the vastness of a desert in northern Spain with BARDENAS, the first single available from the album Samsara. (Released on September 15, 2023).

Dark riffs, powerful drums, French lyrics, big rock inspired by the grunge and stoner of American bands like Soundgarden or Queen Of The Stone Age: these are the ingredients of Ni!L.

Filmed with a drone in the Monegros desert stretching over the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca in northern Spain, the BARDENAS video offers breathtaking landscapes and puts into perspective the human loneliness in the wild and inhospitable vastness of an arid region.

The title BARDENAS is, according to Ni!L, “the symbol of the different crossings in our personal desert, the different stages of our evolution, of our quest. But also, the very symbolism of the desert that we must all face in uncertain times: may it be in the disappearance of a humanity, of contact, in this drought that waits to be irrigated, if only by tears, or this emptiness, the deprivation of the essence of being and existing.”

“What is beautiful in the desert is that it hides a source somewhere”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Ni!L invites us to find this hidden source in ourselves, to draw from our inner resources to overcome the difficulties of life and even in the most difficult moments, there is always hope and beauty to be found.

BARDENAS, the first single of the album SAMSARA to be released on September 15, 2023, an album where energies and dualities coexist: a very rock music, grunge but with a spiritual and meditative dimension that simply encourages the listener to let go.

Film directed by Guillaume Brunet
Editing : Ni!L
Chief operator, colorimetry, calibration : Guillaume Brunet
Technical team : Delphine Rigot, Jean-Michel Gaudemer

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Songs for Louisa on video

With “Songs for Louisa“, the composer and bassist Laurent Bonnot presents an original repertoire. He is accompanied by saxophonists Christophe Monniot and Ricardo Izquierdo, and drummer Eric Échampard. It’s OuLiPo Quartet!

OuLiPo Quartet’s main goal is to let go of the listener. Whether he is a seasoned musician, a neophyte or a music lover, no one can relate to metrics or try to analyze. You just have to rock and travel.

All titles are put in images by Lucas Ranoux and are available on Youtube.

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Energy Master Loc, a Tai-Chi title

“Energy Master Loc” opens the album TRÊN DYDD and pays tribute to Gary Brunton‘s Tai-Chi teacher, Tan Loc Nguyen, whose art and practice helped Brunton improve his physical and mental approach to the double bass.

This is the first title for the new release !!! Release date : may 19th 2023.

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Gary Brunton – Double Bass
François Jeanneau – Soprano Saxophone
Andrea Michelutti – Drums
Emil Spanyi – Piano

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Energy Master Loc
Music by Gary Brunton
Published by Éditions Amoc
Video by Lucas Ranoux

Produced by Bojan Z and Gary Brunton for Juste Une Trace

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