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A legend of Woodstock in Paris

During the Summer of Love, Barry « The Fish » Melton celebrated his 20th birthday in June 1967. A few days later, he and his band Country Joe and The Fish were rocketed onto the world stage at the Monterey Pop Festival with such luminaries as the Jefferson Airplane, the Mamas and Papas, Otis Redding, Ravi Shankar, Simon and Garfunkel, the Who, Jimi Hendrix… Barry also appeared in the movie bearing the same name: « Woodstock ». At the same time Jay Ryan was playing with a « marching band » in Chicago.

In the 1980’s, Barry « The Fish » Melton put together San Francisco’s historic supergroup, « The Dinosaurs », featuring John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane), Peter Albin (Big Brother and the Holding Company) and Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead songwriter). Other members of the band later included Merl Saunders (Saunders- Jerry Garcia Band) and Papa John Creach (Hot Tuna).
At the same time Jay Ryan was playing with Yohan Asherton, Les Froggies, Jacno, Paris Slim, or on stage with Elliot Murphy, The Transcontinental Cowboys…

50 years after Woodstock, Barry « The Fish » Melton with Jay and The Cooks are playing together, to celebrate the festival with an authentic Rock, Blues and Folk show.

BARRY «THE FISH» MELTON MEETS JAY AND THE COOKS thursday 26th sept. 2019 in

Barry «The Fish» Melton – vocals, guitar

Jay Ryan – vocals, guitar

Stéphane Missri – guitar, banjo

Paul Susen – fiddle, mandolin

Marten Ingle – Bass

Danny Montgomery – drums

Port de la Gare
75013 PARIS

(boat docked across the bibliothèque François Mitterrand)
stations : Quai de la Gare or Bibliothèque François Mitterrand

  • opens at 20h
  • presale : 20€
  • at the door : 25€

Tickets : here

Try to sing Death Melodic and Thrash Metal

Split Brain is a Metal band with Melodic Death and Thrash influences. The lyrics in French give a big singularity to the project. Screaming, singing and whispering take turns one after the other to create a riveting universe.

To support their efforts, a video entitled Discours Idyllique has just been released. It has some features that can seduce all. You don’t have to be a Death Melo or Thrash fan to enjoy it.

The video was made from a series of original Batt’Art drawings. For the animation, Elie Villain used the parallax technic. He divided the drawings into several planes that he positioned in a 3D environment. He then activated a camera in this environment to create zoom and travelling effects.

Words appear as we go along. Some would say it’s a “Karaoke”. Indeed, it is enough to follow the words to get involved to the end of the title. Moreover, listening to the chorus, it is almost impossible not to sing.
To go even further, here are the full lyrics.
You can now sing Death melodic and Thrash Metal !

dessin de Batt’Art


Encore une fois rien qu’une fois
Ce doux souvenir de ce qui devait être 
Plein de paraître, avec sagesse.
Le meilleur des mondes sans que la colère gronde
Seuls au monde, admettre ses faiblesses
qu’importe si le bât blesse

Envolés, nos rêves condamnés, fantasmes abandonnés

Encore une fois une dernière fois
Ces beaux discours des anciens jours
Tant de paraître mais sans sagesse
Mentir sur ses dires, ou comment trahir
Un seul mot d’ordre semer la discorde
qu’importe la méthode

Se souvenir, pour avancer
Imaginer son avenir, se retrouver
Se mentir, ne fera que nous nuire
Fatigué, révolté, il faudra bien s’accrocher

Envolés, nos rêves condamnés, fantasmes abandonnés

Mais quelle candeur, à se perdre dans le passé
Sans peur Abandonné, condamné
Résigné à espérer, plutôt qu’à en rêver
Triste réalité d’un passé oublié

Se souvenir, pour avancer. Imaginer l’avenir, pour se retrouver

Envolés, nos rêves condamnés, fantasmes abandonnés

Lyrics : Rémi PIERRE
Music : Rémi PIERRE, Nicolas DIJOUX, Nicolas JEANNETEAU, Frédéric ACX, Damien MARCHANT
Published by Editions AMOC

DISCOURS IDYLLIQUE is available here:

Interview with Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan tells us a few words about UP THE MISSISSIPPI, a real cake walk through North American music. A show enhanced with photography, video and readings from famous authors.

UP THE MISSISSIPPI is a musical show for all audiences with an orginal repertory.

Next concert at LE TRITON (93260 Les Lilas)
Thursday 7th March 2019

tickets on sale

Credits for the video Interview with excerpts from the show :

Jay Ryan (Lead vocals, guitars)
Paul Susen (Fiddle, Acoustic Mandolin, Electric Mandolin)
Stéphane Missri (Guitars, Banjo, Lap Steel Guitar, Background Vocals)
Marten Ingle (Bass, Double Bass, Background Vocals)
Jean-Serge Karsky (Drums, Percussion, Washboard, Spoons)

Produced by Paul Bessone
Stage manager and booking : Juan Carlos Melean
Background images : Edith Gaudy, Irène Bessone

Thanks : Chris Drapier, Bernard Rousseau, Julien Vivante, Camille Leprieur, Barbara Hébrard, Lucas Vivante, Lucile Mikaelian, Stéphane Seddoh, Jean-Pierre Vivante, Jules Roulendes and students of the Paris music business school (Institut des Métiers de la Musique | IMM)

Recorded at Le Triton

with support : SACEM – SPEDIDAM – SCPP

© 2018 Juste Une Trace – Éditions AMOC

Press review – Up The Mississippi

Short extracts and radio for Up the Mississippi by Jay and The Cooks

«… Jay and the Cooks explores the roots of the blues upstream on the mythic river “Up the Mississippi” is captivating and authentic.» – Music Waves

«… it’s a 100% American menu offering up authentic blues to dirty rock n’ roll and folk songs concocted by players who handle with prodigious skill guitars, banjo, lap steel, fiddle, mandolin, washboard …» – Pavillon 666

«… It’s warm and simple, just like we like it, a long way from complications and highbrow hubris, in the image of the man. An album sprinkled with covers / tributes, mixed with original numbers and even a song in French!…» – Songazine

«… It starts off with 100% pure blues! That’s followed up directly by a good old Rock n’ Roll track that affirms the lineage between the two musical worlds. Although coming from Irish immigrant roots this rowdy guy distills and swings 100% American inspired music…» – Paris Move


Collectif des Radio Blues – RAM05 – Cross Blues Station – RADIO BETON – Du Blues Sinon Rien – RADIO ARC EN CIEL – Electrick Shock – RADIO GRILLE OUVERTE – Crossroad – RADIO PORTUGAISE – L’Autre Monde – LIBELLULE FM – Highway55 – RADIO LIBERTAIRE – FREQUENCE AMITIE VESOUL – Rock En Stock – RADIO PULSAR – RADIO DECLIC – Declectic Jazz – RADIO COTEAUX – Blues Jean – RADIO FMR – Traffic 2 Rock – RBA FM Auvergne Limousin – Radio Blues Intense – Le Blues Café Live

Goodbye Tyler

Tyler Jameson Barnes was an American poet, composer and luthier. He was also an excellent cook. The son of the actress Joyce Jameson and the famous composer and entertainment artist Billy Barnes, he was living in Hawaii when he wrote and composed « I’m Really Glad I Met Her » for his friend Jay Ryan and more specifically for the album UP THE MISSISSIPPI by Jay and the Cooks. Tyler had just quit the cooking stove and it gave him a boost to maybe start up a group again.

Tyler and Jay’s friendship goes went back a long way. They both came from California in the region around Los Angeles. They were both born in the early 50’s. Tyler grew up in Hollywood and Jay in Long Beach. The they both changed regions and finally ran into each other in Austin, Texas in the 70’s.

Last year Tyler decided to come back to the mainland and we lost track of him for a while. In the end he found love again with the women of his life; finally settled down in Arizona, Tyler Jameson Barnes has just ended his travels.


I’m Really Glad I Met Her
by Tyler Jameson Barnes

Well she used to love me then
But she sure don’t love me now

Well she used to love me then
But she doesn’t love me now

Well I wanted her to love me
Any way and any how

Well she’s probably in a mental hospital
Or locked down tight in jail

Well she’s probably in a mental hospital (you know, one of those institutions)
Or locked down tight in jail

And if I had a dollar
I wouldn’t go her bail

I’m on another road now baby
Don’t think our paths are gonna cross

I’m on another road now baby
Don’t think our paths are gonna cross

I’m really glad I met you
Nothin’ ventured nothin lost


2017 – Éditions AMOC

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