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Brew Ten by Gary Brunton on video

Brew Ten by Gary Brunton on video

« In the 1970’s my dad saw the great American saxophonist Pepper Adams in concert in our home town Burnley. His main memory was the amount of pints that Pepper drank of the reputed « worst » local beer « Brew Ten » The soundtrack to my childhood was my dad practicing his baritone saxophone and so I have deep affinity with this instrument and particulary Pepper Adams to whom i dedicate this tune. » – Gary Brunton

Brew Ten extract from the album TRÊN DYDD.

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Gary Brunton – Double Bass
François Jeanneau – Soprano Saxophone
Andrea Michelutti – Drums
Emil Spanyi – Piano

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Brew Ten
Music by Gary Brunton
Published by Éditions Amoc
Video by Lucas Ranoux

Produced by Bojan Z and Gary Brunton for Juste Une Trace

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