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Four videos for ONE PAGE on one page

Four videos for ONE PAGE on one page

Why “ONE PAGE”? Each of the album’s compositions fits on one page… or almost. According to Didier Haboyan and Claudio Pallaro, this means getting to the point with spontaneity and creativity.

Haboyan/ Pallaro is therefore the meeting of two musicians with unique backgrounds, two strong personalities, two different approaches but a same language.

We asked Lucas Ranoux to image all the songs from the 2022 album. Here are four. Five different videos follow on another page.

Didier Haboyan – alto saxophone, flute
Claudio Pallaro – tenor saxophone
David Patrois – vibraphone
Hubert Dupont – doublebass
Julien Charlet – drums

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Pallaro and his friend Haboyan sign with “ONE PAGE” an album with melodic compositions, a subtle and captivating music with a repertoire mixed with styles and influences.

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