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GWAWR by Gary Brunton

GWAWR by Gary Brunton

Following on from the warmly received success of his last album, ‘TRÊN DYDD’, the British double bassist and composer Gary Brunton invites us to continue our musical journey, guided by the same talented musicians. In the form of a quartet, with French saxophonist François Jeanneau, Italian drummer Andrea Michelutti, young French prodigy Paul Lay on piano (and Hungarian Emil Spanyi on three tracks), Gary Brunton once again takes us to Wales, and evokes with tenderness pivotal moments of his life, drawing on personalities from his family and close friends. With “GWAWR”, Gary Brunton takes us back on board the jazz train.

The album opens with “Fort Steven n°5“, a tribute to a tragically lost friend, blending modal jazz and funk with the spirit of John Coltrane.

Following this powerful introduction, Gary Brunton evokes a difficult moment in his life. With ‘Tim’s Tune‘, he points to the pain of losing a son and resilience in the face of adversity.

Composed and proposed by pianist Steve Kuhn, “Poem for n°15” refers to a baseball player, while “Lansdowne” takes us back to Gary Brunton’s childhood address in Burnley, exploring memories buried in the street corners of his youth.

The album also contains moments of pure escapism, such as “Chant in the night”, a composition by Sidney Bechet, which transports us into his very special world and features the masterful soprano saxophone of François Jeanneau and the jungle drumming of Andrea Michelutti. For Gary Brunton, “GWAWR” was born out of the rich cultural and human experiences that he enjoyed during his time in Wales. “I lived in Swansea and have always loved the sound and rhythm of the Welsh language”.

Gary Brunton’s rendition of Bechet’s ”What a Dream” pays tribute to the golden age of jazz but is tinged with a touch of modernity and freshness.

In the Paddock” invites us to relive the palpable excitement that reigns in a paddock before the start of a horse race. Inspired by family memories, “My dad and grandad were both passionate about horse racing, « the bookies » as they called them. Betting on the ‘Gee Gee’s’ (horses) was a daily routine but fortunately they only spent small amounts… and sometimes won “In 1957, saxophonist Benny Golson wrote the song Stablemates. This song was inspired by that Golson composition and uses the same chord progression.”

Hawthorne” and “Ramsbottom CC” take the listener back to the composer’s childhood, evoking the long hours spent playing with his friend Steven Fort in the streets of Burnley, lulled by the sound of “ leather on willow” (red ball hititing the cricket bat).

The album also features three compositions from “ TRÊN DYDD”. “Jonquilles” (Daffodils) is a new duet with Paul Lay. “Brew Ten” is a piano/double bass/drums trio, also with Paul Lay, and “Energy Master Loc” has a livelier tempo and no theme at the start, but is enhanced by a double bass solo.

These alternative versions offer an opportunity to appreciate the compositions from a different angle, with arrangements and performances that add nuance and variation to the instrumental music.

“GWAWR” culminates in “Song for BWB”, a Latin-inspired composition dedicated to Gary Brunton’s wife Beatrice, closing the album on a note of love and gratitude.

Gary Brunton – Double bass
François Jeanneau – Sax Soprano
Andrea Michelutti – Drums
Paul Lay – Piano

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Release date : 26 april – available now

Produced by Gary Brunton for Juste Une Trace
Studio Producers -Thomas Savy, Serge Merlaud & Bojan Z
Recorded and mixed by Vincent Mahey and Arthur Gouret at
Studio Sextan
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin

All compositions by Gary Brunton
Published by Amoc
Except “Chant in the Night” and “What a Dream” by Sidney Bechet (Exclusive Publications Inc.) an “Poem for n°15” by Steve Khun (Stelk Music Co.)

Photos by Camille Huguenot
Graphic design by Corinne Garino

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