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Honesty and the environmental cause

Honesty and the environmental cause

HONESTY presents its video for “Silent Ones“, featuring Sam Renescant, taken from the album “Wargame As DNA“. The band is committed to the environmental cause and denounces the evils of industrial companies. Imbued with meaning and reflection, HONESTY pays homage to the living that expresses itself in silence, the one we don’t hear, the one that suffers from human activity, the animals and plants that are man’s victims.

The concept of the clip is twofold. A significant part of the filming takes place in natural settings, to emphasize the beauty of the Earth. On the other hand, the verses performed by Sam Renescant take place in an urban context, revealing the achievements of human civilization. The track aspires to directness and simplicity, with a punchy dynamic, while incorporating references to 1990s hip-hop culture.
“Silent Ones” was designed to be raw, incisive and minimalist, reflecting reality. The aim is to communicate direct authenticity and carry the band’s lyrics. HONESTY pushes artistic boundaries to stimulate awareness and call for collective action in favor of ecology. The band encourages awareness of the consequences of our actions on the environment and on the living beings who suffer in silence.

Wargame As DNA produced by Honesty, on bandcamp or Rucktion Records. Album recorded by Jacob Bredahl at Studio Dead Rat. Promotion by Juste Une Trace

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