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With more than thirty years of experience in jazz, more than half of which were spent on common projects, composers Didier Haboyan and Claudio Pallaro affirm their sincere passion for music and offer with “ONE PAGE” an unpredictable album. The Quintet featured here release an all original repertoire on October 21, 2022.

Haboyan / Pallaro is the meeting of two musicians with singular backgrounds. We find in their music all kinds of influences: rock and jazz, classical music, African, Indian, contemporary composers … everything that feeds jazz today.

From 2009 to 2019, we find them in the great ensemble Pee Bee, co-directed by Claudio Pallaro and Gary Brunton (Night Bus). Always driven by the desire to play together, Claudio and Didier continued their collaboration and initiated the project “ONE PAGE”, which reveals two personalities, two different approaches but the same language. They first formed a quartet without harmonic instruments (two saxophones, double bass, drums) which turned into a quintet with vibraphone.

Why “ONE PAGE”? Each of the compositions of the album fits on a single page…or almost. For the artists, it means going to the essential with spontaneity and creativity.

Didier Haboyan – alto saxophone, flute
Claudio Pallaro – tenor saxophone
David Patrois – vibraphone
Hubert Dupont – double bass
Julien Charlet – drums

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Recorded, mixed by Paul Boulier | Studio Libretto
Mastering : Raphaël Jonin
Photographies : Marco Castro
Design : Jérémie Bernard
Production : Jazz en Face

Finding a better world

With San Francisco-West Coast influences, but also glimpses of Country Rock, Folk and Psychedelia, Missri and friends delivers a sincere album : MY ZOMBIE GIRL ! The first single is “Fake is The Name“. The song is about finding a better world. The opening militant track features Barry “The Fish” Melton (Country Joe and The Fish).

For you, the official video for FAKE IS THE NAME

Stéphane Missri – guitars, lead vocals
Barry «The Fish» Melton – guitars, lead vocal on « Fake is the name »
Gabriela Arnon – keyboards, vocals
Christian Poidevin – vocals, guitars,
Marten Ingle – vocals, bass
Marty Vickers – drums, percussion
Paul Susen – fiddle
Natalie Martel – vocals
Dava Sheridan – vocals

Produced by Paul Bessone for Juste Une Trace
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arnaud Bascuñana
Music and lyrics by Stéphane Missri
Published by Éditions Amoc
Cover graphic design by Corinne Garino

Video by Lucas Ranoux


Wipe out the past
to build a world,
a home that last
More than a day

In this world
You’ll find a way
To a better place
Where we can stay
gotta keep moving on

Black man white man yellow man
red man blue man monkey man
Been hunted over lands and seas

In this world
Movies are real
Fake is the name
Of this old game

In this world.
Or in this dream
No one controls Reality
Gotta keep moving on

In my dream I wore the shoes of Charlton Heston
Planet of apes powerless
The monkeys left me no chance
They had their revenge
I was on their side
But there is a time when it is too late
it’s only a movie

In this world
We are drifting
Just Like a feather
Upon the wind

Please Hold my hand
Tight trough the night
searching for the past
we’re coming back
Gotta keep moving on

Black man white man yellow man
red man blue man monkey man
Been hunted persecuted, deported
over lands and Seas


JAY AND THE COOKS don’t beat around the bush: the sexagenarians express themselves loud and strong without digression, the subjects are simple and direct with tracks like “Poor Everybody” or “Dried up Hearts”. All the songs are inspired by real life stories or very close to reality.

All songs are in video realized by the canadian Mirkö Lafrenière or the french Lucas Ranoux.

All is available on the Youtube chanel Juste Une Trace.

Jay Ryan – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Stephane Missri – Guitars, Banjo
Paul Susen – Fiddle, Mandolins
Christian Poidevin – Harmonica, Dobro
Marten Ingle – Bass, Double Bass
Marty Vickers – Drums, Percussion

Produced by Paul Bessone for Juste Une Trace
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arnaud Bascuñana at Studio 180
Published by Éditions Amoc


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