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Rockers Vibes : The team

Rockers Vibes : The team

The trip to chaos land is guaranteed with the assurance to come back or dive again and feel stronger. You’re going to cross industrial regions built on samples, programming and the power of the beats, and then discover under new angles surprising or even yet unexplored landscapes for some of you, guided by manipulative guitars and a voodoo bewitching singing.

Marco Neves calls you out powerfully while adopting sometimes more of an industrial rock crooner style. Polak’s six strings slice and cut the air. On keyboards, Didier B. (aka Rasboras) gives dark, cold or disturbing colours to every track. Treponem Pal also welcomes new members in the band : Jipouille de St Loup on programming and executive production of the album, Stéphane Borselino (ex Dr Schultz Experience) now pushes up the bass and Guillaume Labaume aka Gonzo (ex Norma Loy) destructively hits the drums.

Treponem Pal have many friends and guests on Rockers’ Vibes :

Béatrice Demi Mondaine (vocal) on Some Velvet Morning (Lee Hazlewood)

Sven Pohlhammer (Parabellum), guitar on Hear Me Calling (Ten Years After)
Vincent Bigaillon (Gusha), guitar on Are You Ready (Thin Lizzy)
Mystic Gordon, guitar on Some Velvet Morning (Lee Hazlewood)

Mathys Dubois (drums) on Fighter, Silico’s Return (Treponem Pal), Way Down In The Hole (Tom Waits), I Need Lunch (Dead Boys)
Jason Belial Mathieu (drums) on Are You Ready (Thin Lizzy), Indian Reservation (John D. Loudermilk)
Raphael Mercier (Mass Hysteria), drums on Hear Me Calling (Ten Years After)

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