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The covers songs on Rockers’ Vibes

The covers songs on Rockers’ Vibes

Rockers’ Vibes by Treponem Pal is the album who celebrates the band’s thirtiest birthday with original Pal tracks and a bunch of covers twisted their own way.

The cover songs on Rockers’ Vibes are all titles which have strongly influenced the band since its creation. For Treponem Pal, the very personal appropriation of these standards is always made with the biggest respect for the original compositions.

The band excels in this exercice and meticulously works to restaure and then give back these highly symbolic pieces in their own way.

The early fans know it well and can only look forward to hearing their new version of « Planet Claire » (B-52’s), « Are You Ready » (Thin Lizzy), « Way Down In The Hole » (Tom Waits), « Hear Me Calling » (Ten Years After), « Indian Reservation » (John D. Loudermilk), « Some Velvet Morning » (Lee Hazlewood) and « I Need Lunch » (Dead Boys). And of course, the band’s purpose is still all about sharing their pleasure, stand as one with their audience, including new curious generations.

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