Juste une Trace



A STOP-MOTION video for « Genesium » by PEE BEE. The song composed by Claudio Pallaro is on the album OR NOT TO BE. The reference of Genesium is not immediately apparent, eventually emerging from pastoral swathes with a theme from Genesis’ Cinema Show… It’s a fun environment and Pee Bee have established a quietly anarchic culture that keeps the music away from the chin-stroking density that could put non-jazzers off. As such, it’s an exuberant and highly enjoyable listen that takes in current affairs and pop culture from the ’60s and ’70s within quirky arrangements, all put together by a wide-ranging and technically accomplished group of musicians.

Video produced by Paul Bessone for Juste Une Trace
Assisted by Jean Bessone
GENESIUM published by Éditions Amoc
Recorded and mixed by Yohan Progler for Jazz En Face
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin
Video Design by Thibault Joyeux
Photograph by Nathalie Courau-Roudier
Artwork “Or Not To Be” by Jérémie Bernard

Pee Bee is member of Grands Formats federation

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