14 is a piano-voice’s album of 14 songs.

Rémo Gary is accompanied by free and fluttering notes coming from Joël Clément… Complicity of words and notes, Complicity between the author and the interpreter. Between pear and cheese, the artist composes suites of sentences, sense and landscapes.

He shows us a perfect model of french language that we like: a soft, cruel, teasing, and cheerful language; the langage which everybody can relay on.


1. Il pleut (Rémo Gary, Joël Clément) 4’02
2. Jour de lessive (Gaston Couté, Gérard Pierron) 4’17
3. Entre poire et fromage (Rémo Gary) 2’29
4. L’escargot (Rémo Gary) 3’36
5. Mignonneuse (Rémo Gary) 1’36
6. La mémoire et la mer (Léo Ferré) 6’41
7. Sous le tissu (Rémo Gary, Jean-François Baez) 3’34
8. Syramorte (Jacques Prévert, Henri Salvador, Rémo Gary) 2’48
9. En un mot comme en cent (Rémo Gary, François Grinand) 2’54
10. Les oiseaux de passage (Jean Richepin, Georges Brassens) 7’56
11. Tombée de la dernière nuit (Rémo Gary) 2’24
12. Image en noir et blanc (Rémo Gary, Joël Clément) 3’41
13. Viol de nuit (Rémo Gary, Jean-Pierre Caporossi) 3’44
14. Transports amoureux (Rémo Gary) 3’15

Rémo Gary (Vocals)
Joël Clément (Piano)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Saïd Guerroudj | Studio 1
Photographies by Bernard Dutheil
Illustrations by Fred Morandat
Design by Phil Design

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 30-10-2000