” 1968-2008…N’effacez pas nos traces ! ” finds its unity and coherence in themes which have inspired Dominique Grange throughout her 40 year career: social struggles, racism, misery, inequalities, exile, prison, emancipation of peoples, revolutionary utopias…

Her songs are right in line with the historic expression of the protest song. In the lineup: 9 new songs, Remo Gary and Allain Leprest supply new unpublished lyrics for two songs, 4 re-recorded songs which were written just after the May 68 demonstrations and two songs about the Commune.


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1. Grève illimitée (Dominique Grange) 2’49
2. Chacun de vous est concerné (Dominique Grange) 3’27
3. Pierrot est tombé (Dominique Grange / Philippe Mira) 4’26
4. La Commune est en lutte (Jean-Roger Caussimon / Philippe Sarde) 3’16
5. Le sang (Rémo Gary / Dominique Grange) 4’27
6. Entre océan et cordillère (Dominique Grange) 3’23
7. Petite fille du silence (Dominique Grange) 4’39
8. Les rivières souterraines (Dominique Grange) 6’03
9. Paris, ce printemps-là (Allain Leprest / Dominique Grange) 3’13
10. Toujours rebelles, toujours debout (Dominique Grange) 3’21
11. Le temps des cerises (Jean-Baptiste Clément / Antoine Renard) 3’10
12. Droit d’asile (Dominique Grange) 3’58
13. La pègre (Nous en sommes tous) (Dominique Grange) 2’28
14. Les nouveaux partisans (Dominique Grange) 3’57
15. N’effacez pas nos traces ! (Dominique Grange) 5’55

Dominique Grange (Vocals)
Philippe Mira (piano)
Nathanaël Malnoury (Double bass)
Benoist Raffin (Drums, percussions)
Pascal Illido (Guitar)
Olivier Manoury (Bandoneon)
Raul Mercado (Quena, charango)
Régis Huby (Violon)
Anaïs Moreau (Cello)
Valérie Drouet (Alto)
Francesca Solleville (Vocals)
Oreste Scalzone (Vocals)

Recorded and mixed by Dominique Samarcq et Julien Clarac | Studio Sysmo
Mastered by Stephan Côme
Drawings by TARDI from the book 1968 – 2008… N’effacez pas nos traces ! © Casterman 2008
Preface by Alain Badiou

Production : Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI
Release date : 25-03-2008