This album is inspired by the reading of “Tristes Tropiques” by Claude Levi Strauss.

In “Alter Tropicus” jazz and world come crashing together: incredible music, accessible and inventive.

«Colorful Jazz influence by an array of sources» – Radio Nova

«This quartet succeeds where Wynton Marsalis wanted to go: give new life to tradition while freely recreating it» – Télérama


1. Ouverture (Laurent Mignard, Sylvain Rifflet, Eric Jacot, Sylvain Clavier) 0’26
2. Egyptus (Laurent Mignard) 5’50
3. Juderia (Sylvain Rifflet) 4’39
4. Hadzabe Part 1 (Laurent Mignard) 2’51
5. Hadzabe Part 2 (Laurent Mignard) 3’46
6. Boukhara (Laurent Mignard) 4’53
7. Tambacunda (Laurent Mignard) 4’34
8. Yanomani (Laurent Mignard, Sylvain Rifflet, Eric Jacot, Sylvain Clavier) 0’50
9. Horn talk (Laurent Mignard) 2’21
10. Chromatalk (Laurent Mignard, Sylvain Rifflet) 1’29
11. Bass talk (Laurent Mignard) 3’11
12. Drum talk (Laurent Mignard) 5’24
13. Acid and sweet (Laurent Mignard) 3’17
14. Hotel de emigrantes (Laurent Mignard, Sylvain Rifflet) 2’04
15. Bâton rouge (Laurent Mignard, Sylvain Rifflet) 2’43
16. Canon – les fleurs fragiles de la différence (Laurent Mignard, Sylvain Rifflet, Eric Jacot, Sylvain Clavier) 3’03
17. Le tour de l’album en 80′

Laurent Mignard (Pocket trumpet)
Sylvain Rifflet (Sax ténor, clarinet, flute)
Eric Jacot (Double bass)
Sylvain Clavier (Drums, percussions)

Recorded by Dominique Samarcq | Studio Sysmo
Mixed and mastered by Emil Spanyi | LDF Studios
Photography by Dominique Fradin
Design by Phil Design

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 11-07-2005