Victoria Rummler is an American singer brought up on folk, jazz and funk.

To start off this album of mostly original tunes she chose “Guys with Ties”, a real hymn to anti-stress. Am I Am is very “Pop” with plenty of good vibes.

It’s an album by a great vocalist who transports us into emotional country filled with sensitivity and intimate confessions but there’s humor as well; check out the traditional “Freres Jacques” reworked with the creative use of onomatopoeia. The album will interest fans of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Ani DiFranco, Sherryl Crowe and Susan Vega.


1. Guys with ties (Victoria Rummler) 3’22
2. Home is inside (Victoria Rummler) 3’50
3. Teach me tonight (Sammy Cahn – Gene DePaul / Cahn Music Company) 3’26
4. Friends old and new (Victoria Rummler) 3’33
5. Frère Jacques (traditionnel – Victoria Rummler) 2’52
6. Am I am (Victoria Rummler – Benjamin Coulentianos) 4’22
7. Island of nowhere (Victoria Rummler) 3’23
8. Blues boots (Victoria Rummler) 1’51
9. Italy blues (Victoria Rummler) 4’03
10. Over the rainbow (Edgar Yispel Harburg – Harold Arlen / EMI Feist Catalog) 4’15
11. Love day (Victoria Rummler) 4’12

Victoria Rummler (Vocals)
Emmanuel Bex (Organ 2, 9)
Nico Morelli (Fender Rhodes 1, 2, 4, 10 – Piano 6)
Olivier Ker Ourio (Harmonica 10)
Ben Coulentianos (Guitar)
Laurent Mignard (Flugelhorn 4 – Trumpet 11)
Pena (Drums and percussions 4, 6, 9)
Grant Smith (Brushes and frame drum 10)
Philippe Gonnand (Bass 3, 6, 11 – Tenor sax 11)
Pierre-Olivier Govin (Sax alto 3)

Production : Victoria Rummler
Arrangements by Benjamin Coulentianos and Victoria Rummler
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Haliday | Custom Studios
Photos by Floriane Caux
Design by SWIP SWAP
Release date : 18-04-2011