Spiritual guide of those who are crazy about the blue note (those who wake up and enter in clubs and make their breakfast-dinner in front of the sunrise with a plate of oysters), Vernhes troubled more than one widow behind his sax tenor sound, almost obscured by smoked curtains coming from under the ground, sending sensual and nostalgic notes to the vicious temptations of the street.
The expression of an large imagination about the cinema “underground” and the black american series that marked the audiovisual space of the sixties.
« Crazy Cow » related also in a funny way to the edified adventures of comic strip which had to secure the spirits against the morals doubts that were threatened the American dream… The only difference is that the Vernhes music does not secure anybody because has never followed any style model.


1. Il habite loin le p’tit père Harry (Dominique Vernhes) 5’45
2. Strawberry Hill (Dominique Vernhes) 3’21
3. When Robin goes marchin’in (Dominique Vernhes) 3’21
4. Les cuisses de la sirène (Dominique Vernhes) 4’58
5. Margie (Conrad, Russel Robinson) 4’58
6. The widow with the black fur (Dominique Vernhes) 5’29
7. Loser’s glory (Dominique Vernhes) 1’48
8. .Bal à Loubaï (Dominique Vernhes) 5’39
9. Song for Suzy (Dominique Vernhes) 2’40
10. Cookin’ murshrooms with bacon and goose grease (Dominique Vernhes) 3’56
11. Preuve par six (Dominique Vernhes) 5’32
12. Ivry, 3h du matin, 3 bouteilles de Chianti (Dominique Vernhes) 3’18
13. Nimbostratus (Dominique Vernhes) 5’55
14. Alone with a lady (Dominique Vernhes) 3’40
15. Crazy cow (Dominique Vernhes) 3’35
16. Dernier whiskey pour la route (trad. Irlandais) 0’35

Dominique Vernhes (Tenor Sax, accordeon, clarinet, flute, melodica)
Olivier Robin (Drums)
Carine Bonnefoy (Piano)
Jean-Pierre Rebillard (Double bass)

Recorded by Jean-Paul Carré | Studio Carfat
Mastered by Pierre-Louis Cas
Illustrations by Dominique Vernhes and Matthieu
Design by L’Envers du Décor

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 18-05-1998