The band is a deluge of horns on top of a hellish rhythm section in the pure tradition of the “brass band. The album alternates between standards and original compositions. The band runs through various styles: ska, funk, afro-cuban, disco…a relentless groove machine!

The group takes on the compositions like thirsty animals, with an attitude that recalls rock, slam and jump. The album also includes a brass band punk version of Sting’s « Spirits in a material world ».


1. Jungle bell (No Water Please) 1’13
2. Gloub’s back (No Water Please) 4’01
3. Bullet the dog (No Water Please) 3’04
4. Saine égalité (No Water Please) 4’33
5. Tarabiska (No Water Please) 3’33
6. Sonotone blues (No Water Please) 3’41
7. Koursk qui peut (No Water Please) 4’02
8. No water’s attack (No Water Please) 2’48
9. Spirits in a material wolrd (Sting / EMI Publishing) 2’50
10. Viper tongue (No Water Please) 2’51
11. No sleep tour (No Water Please) 3’43
12. Shewbadub (No Water Please) 7’16
13. Keep that body shaking (P.Frazier / Glen Andrews / Stafford Agee / Re-Birth Publishing, BMI) 7’02
14. Bonus Vidéo (No Water Please)

François (Trombone)
Rico (Banjo, guitars, flute on “Shewbadub”)
Manu (Sax baryton, soprano)
Fred (Sax alto, soprano)
Fred Enklaar (Trumpet, sax on “Viper Tongue” and “No sleep tour”, souba on “Bullet the dog”)
Seb (Snare drum, percussions)
Babar (Bass drum)
Nidal (Soubassophon)
Guests : Christine (Solo sax on “No water’s attack”), Véro (Percussions on “Saine Egalité”), Ablaye Mbaye (Vocals on “Saine Egalité”), Jessy Louis (Scratch on “Gloub’s back” and “Bullet the dog”), Laurent Dumont (Sax alto and solo on “Gloub’s back”)

Recorded Alix Ewald | Studio RDPC
Mixed and mastered par Rodolphe Gervais
Photographies by Nidal
Design by Phil Design & No Water Please

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 31-10-2003