Dominique Grange sings original material but also “Tu n’en reviendras pas” by Aragon and Léo Ferré, words by Montéhus, others by Sébastien Faure, those of forgotten soldiers like “La Chanson de Craonne” and “Le Déserteur” by Boris Vian in which the last verse is in its entire original version




These ten songs evoke, in a kind of chronological order, tragic episodes from the period August 1914 to November 1918. Despite the fact that only “La Chanson de Craonne” and “O Gorizia” date from the “war to end all wars”, all others were written between 1900 and 2009, the album remains remarkably coherent and lucid.
Between each of the ten songs, Tardi lays his voice, without artifice, over improvised music; reading incisive excerpts from “PUTAIN DE GUERRE”.


1. Petits Morts du mois d’août (Dominique Grange) 3’52
2. Au ravin des enfants perdus, Chanson pour Vauquois (Dominique Grange) 4’15
3. La Chanson de Craonne (Anonyme/Charles Sablon) 3’59
4. Laisse-moi passer, sentinelle ! (Dominique Grange/Philippe Mira) 4’45
5. La Butte Rouge (Montéhus/Georges Krier) 3’40
6. O Gorizia (Combattant(s) anonyme(s) du front italien) 3’42
7. La Grève des mères (Montéhus/Raoul Chantegrelet/Pierre Doubis) 2’51
8. Tu n’en reviendras pas (Louis Aragon/Léo Ferré) 3’30
9. Le Déserteur (BorisVian-BorisVian/Harold B. Berg) 3’51
10. Fraternité (Sébastien Faure) 5’32


Dominique Grange (Vocals)
Philippe Mira (Piano)
Nathanaël Malnoury (Double bass)
Benoist Raffin (Drums, percussions)
Olivier Manoury (Bandoneon)
Victor Villena (Bandonéon on Laisse-moi passer, sentinelle !)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dominique Samarcq and Julien Clarac | Studio Sysmo
Photo by Jean-Pierre Verney
Drawnings by TARDI from the book Des lendemains qui saignent © Casterman 2009
Le Déserteur (Boris Vian) is authorised by Ursula Vian-Kübler
texts read by TARDI from Putain de Guerre ! (Tardi-Verney, ed.Casterman) on composition Le sang des tranchées (P.Mira, N.Malnoury, B.Raffin, O.Manoury. – Editions AMOC)

Production : Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI
Release date : 07-12-2009