1st incredible album for Split Brain

Split Brain is a Metal group with influences of Death Melodic and Thrash. The lyrics in French give a big singularity to the project. Screaming, singing and whispering take turns one after the other to create a riveting universe.
The group is a master of contrasts. He juggles between melodic elements and the rage for incisive riffs.


Split Brain is not only a Metal group with influences of Death Melo and Thrash. His compositions, his lyrics, his acoustics and the pictures spread are going for beyond the limits of the genre.
Just like 70’s, they made a direct and live analog recordings.

Split Brain is not only for Death Metal’s lovers. This project is also for those who loved In Flames, Mass Hysteria, Rammstein, Slayer… or simply, for people who love discovering and following project with such an identity.

Dessin réalisé par Batt’Art pour Split Brain – Éditions AMOC

1. Coulisses de la Pensée (1’03)
2. Discours Idyllique (5’20)
3. Caste Aveuglée (4’33)
4. Corps Meurtri (3’25)
5. Critique Sceptique (4’57)
6. Coupables Inavouables (4’51)
7. Patience Latente (1’45)
8. Machine Infaillible (5’39)
9. Violence Gratuite (4’57)
10. La Valeur d’un Homme (5’45)

Lyrics: Rémi Pierre
Music: Rémi Pierre, Frédéric Acx, Nicolas Dijoux, Damien Marchant et Nicolas Jeanneteau
Editions AMOC (publishing)

Rémi (Voice)
Nico (Guitar)
Fred (Guitar)
Damien (Bass)
RagnarAco (Drums)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arnaud Bascuñana | Studio 180
Photography : Lykh’Arts
Design : Batt’Art
Production : Juste une Trace
With support : SCPP | FCM
Release date: 17-05-2019