Jimm is a guitarist and singer who’s not affraid of testing out things with his Gibsons.

His influences are from the early 90’s : Nirvana, Trust, Therapy?

With « Distorsion cérébrale », Jimm offers an engaged album written by a young men who dreams to see the world change.
Everything is in french : simple and effective.


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With « Distorsion cérébrale » Jimm is against individualism and the everyday life where humans are told want to do. His song « Big Brother » is the perfect exemple to illustrate that.

Varied subjects and atmospheres follow every song of the album. “Ton blues dans la peau” is a love song which let no one neutral. “Prisonnier de dieu” is an powerfull commited song. Jimm also made a cover of « La chanson de Prévert » originaly by Serge Gainsbourg. This song gave Jimm the desire to create a group!

“Distorsion cérébrale”, eponymous title, is all about persistent uneasiness and internal pressure.
However, it’s nothing depressing. Only strong feelings shared aloud with deep guitars and lots of chorus.

1. Big Brother (Jimm) 3’52
2. Ton Blues dans la Peau (Jimm) 5’14
3. Prisonnier de Dieu (Jimm) 3’50
4. Prêt-à-Penser (Jimm) 3’32
5. Rancune (Jimm) 3’35
6. L’Ivresse du Pouvoir (Jimm) 3’03
7. La Haine (Jimm) 3’08
8. La Chanson de Prévert (Serge Gainsbourg) 3’38
9. Distorsion Cérébrale (Jimm) 3’42
10. Je ne Veux Jamais Vieillir (Jimm) 4’04
11. Nos Élites (Jimm) 3’46

Lyrics and music of Jimm published by Éditions AMOC
«La Chanson de Prévert» of Serge Gainsbourg published by Warner Chappell Music France and Melody Nelson Publishing

Jimm (Vocals, guitars, bass)
Guillaume «Turbo» Zito (Drums)

Pierrick Noël (Slide guitar) : 2

Recorded in Paris
Mixed by Fred Duquesne
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg
Photography front by Jean Pascal Dominici and Kelly Jane
Photography inside by Lth Thierry Lenfant
Photography back by Jean Pascal Dominici
Design par Yahell
Production : Jimm
Release date : 30-11-2018