« Ellington’s mind in a modern body » – Télérama

« He’s hit just the right modern note to play this timeless music » – Nouvel Obs

« Thank you Duke Orchestra for keeping Duke alive » – Duke Ellington Music Society

Laurent Mignard has accomplished a herculean task.Because he didn’t have access to the musical scores, he transcribed everything from Duke’s recordings! More than a note for note transcription he made sure that he kept close to the spirit of music which is simple and complex, obvious and extremely refined at the same time, where brilliant soloists ride proudly over the music.


1. Ko-Ko (Duke Ellington) 2’26 **
2. Harlem Airshaft (Duke Ellington) 3’44 *
3. Black And Tan Fantasy (Duke Ellington, Bubber Miley) 6’21 *
4. Kinda Dukish – Rockin’ Rythm (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Harry Carney) 5’47 *
5. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington) 4’00 *
6. Madness In Great Ones (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) 3’07 *
7. Half the Fun (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) 3’54 *
8. Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue (Duke Ellington) 10’08 **
9. Isfahan (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) 4’11 *
10. The Eighth Veil (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) 2’41 **
11. It Don’t Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills) 3’20 **
12. Ad Lib On Nippon (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) 11’55 *
13. Take the A Train (Billy Strayhorn) 8’50 **

* Live recorded at Versailles 07 january 2009
** Live recorded at Maisons-Laffitte 16 january 2009

Didier Desbois (as, cl)
Aurelie Tropez (as, cl solo)
Nicolas Montier (ts)
Christophe Allemand (ts, cl)
Philippe Chagne (bs, cl)
Franck Delpeut (tp)
Franck Guicherd (tp)
François Biensan (tp)
Richard Blanchet (tp)
Jean-Louis Damant (tb)
Guy Figlionlos (tb)
Guy Arbion (b-tb)
Philippe Milanta (p)
Bruno Rousselet (cb)
Julie Saury (dm)
Laurent Mignard (dir)
Invité : Patrick Bacqueville (voc)

Recorded and mixed by Bruno Minisini
Mastered by François Terrazzoni | studio Parelies
Design by Alexandre Pichon
Produced by Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP
Date de sortie : 22-06-2009