When Jazz meets the Baroque : a new form of french music appears. Written and free music, carrying by a Jazz’s trio and a quartet of cellos.

With Laurent Mignard, that’s how the impossible becomes reality: Ravel meets Don Cherry, Dutilleux frequents Miles Davis, Debussy speaks to Ornette Coleman…


As Pierre Clémenti reminds it, these compositions « make us forget the present, bring us throught a mysterious travel full of emotions which allow us to find peace. The music coming from this magnificent whole can be subtle, soft, slender. The music becomes an manifest about sharing, about the musical intolerance and the inaction ».

“Face à face” is a big play. It is a contemporary musical theater play where the actors confront each other in order to have a better reconcilation. The improvisation is the base of the jazz’s trio, in the present as in the future. Whereas the quartet of cellos declines its own verb, in the past as in the past perfect.

The first album of Laurent Mignard : « Laurent Mignard creates the intrigue. He is a jazz as well as classic’s trumpeter. He builds a solid bridge between both » – Nova magazine

1. Déviation (Laurent Mignard) 8’31
2. Construction (Laurent Mignard) 6’04
3. Valse (Laurent Mignard) 5’38
4. Face à Face (Laurent Mignard / 4/4 Editions) 8’42
5. Promenade (Laurent Mignard) 3’32
6. Course (Laurent Mignard) 4’11
7. La Nuit : introspection (Laurent Mignard) 0’59
8. La Nuit : réflexion (Laurent Mignard) 4’00
9. La Nuit : obsession (Laurent Mignard) 4’27
10. La Belette (Laurent Mignard) 4’04

Laurent Mignard (Trumpet, bugle)
Olivier Sens (Double bass)
Peter Perfido (Drums)
Paul Broutin (Cello)
Chahan Dinanian (Cello)
Carlos Beyris (Cello)
Jean Taverne (Cello)

Recorded and mixed by Laurice Valencin | Studio Coppelia
Mastered by François Terrazoni | Studio Parelies
Paints by Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille
Photos by Francis Mignard
Design by L’Envers du Décor

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 26-10-1998