An ELECTRO-JAZZ experience where great musicians meet new realms.

Christopher Gauthier has come up with an album in which Mix Culture meets Jazz Fusion!

The title « Heart and soul » is an acid jungle hit! The rest is a very free fusion of the 70’s with the flute as the central instrument. Christophe Gauthier’s virtuosity gives birth to great melodies throughout.


1. Heart and soul (Nicholas Haimo, Christophe Gauthier) 6’55
2. Running (Christophe Gauthier) 6’26
3. Les soldats (Christophe Gauthier) 7’52
4. Lips (Christophe Gauthier) 10’45
5. Battle in the sky (Christophe Gauthier) 8’53
6. Essaouira (Christophe Gauthier) 7’09
7. Fetish (Christophe Gauthier) 7’40
8. Yoko (Christophe Gauthier) 7’48
9. Heart and soul (Nicholas Haimo, Christophe Gauthier) 2’58

Christophe Gauthier (Sax soprane, tenor, flute, piccolo, bansouri)
Daniel Beaussier (Sax baryton)
Pablo Valat (Trumpet, bugle)
Pascal Morrow (Violon)
Nicholas Haimo (Vocal, guitar)
Patrick Gauthier (Piano, Fender Rodhes)
Gilles Polve (Bass)
Julien Tekeyan (Drums, JSP 808, percussions)
Christophe Bras (Drums)

Recorded and mixed by Alix Ewald | Studio RDPC
Remix « Heart and Soul (Radio Edit) » by Pierre Alexandre Mati and Gérard Capaldi
Mastered by Florian Leclaire and Joël Vitu | Auvi One Studios
Design by Phil Design

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 22-09-2003