An half-impressionist, half abstract painting, freely painted. The album evokes immediately the work of an half-impressionist, half abstract painter who suggests more than he shows, drawing subtle reasons, brushing strange textures and coloring dark forms with delicate shades.
The musicians torture their instruments to enhance contrasts and develop troubled climat with a free and creative game, alternating floating beaches and turbulent passages in order to put the intention on uncommon harmonies and divided melodies which remind the approach of Bill Frisell or Robert Fripp with King Crimson.

« Gone Tomorrow is a different, captivating, exciting and attaching album which has to be appreciated by small touches like a distrubing painting. » – Jazzman


1.Machines do it now (Paul Davies) 6’14
2.Primo (Paul Davies) 9’39
3.Rue C n° 8 (Paul Davies) 4’21
4.Benjamin Bowmaneer (Trad. Anglais) 4’25
5.The New York Trader (Trad. Anglais) 5’51
6.Disquiet (Paul Davies) 9’50
7.Die Greifin (Paul Davies) 2’18
8.Devil’s advocate (Paul Davies) 9’48
9.Underture (Paul Davies) 6’45

Paul Davies (Guitar)
Jean-Louis Pommier (Trombone)
David Pouradier-Duteil (Drums)

Recorded at Studio EGP except “IMPRO 2 – BENJAMIN BOWMANEER” at Radio France
Photographies by M. Jeanclos, O. Héron, F. Léonesi
Design by Phil Design

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 08-10-2001