Passionate about Debussy, Ravel, Dutilleux, as well as Takemitsu, and guided by David Angel, he has never stopped searching for a balance between serenity and surprise over and above the traditional tonal rules of sound.

In Good News, the composer – pocket trumpet player gives us a veritable manifesto to believe in the future while reinventing it.

In short a superb jazz album that opens the door to many influences. Good News gets us out our ruts with the groove of positive values.


1. Old World (Laurent Mignard) 0’58
2. Come on right (Laurent Mignard) 3’58
3. Adventure land (Laurent Mignard) 5’45
4. Playmobil festival (Laurent Mignard) 3’56
5. Frenetic city (Laurent Mignard) 4’11
6. Contemplation (Laurent Mignard) 3’12
7. Manhattan express (Laurent Mignard) 3’26
8. Birds (Laurent Mignard) 3’17
9. Constantinoble (Laurent Mignard) 5’15
10. Balkan (Laurent Mignard) 4’43
11. Nomad (Laurent Mignard) 3’18

Laurent Mignard (Pocket trumpet)
Geoffrey Secco (Saxophone)
Eric Jacot (Double bass)
Luc Isenmann (Drums)

All compositions by Laurent Mignard
Recorded by Franck Redlich | Studio Les Hantes
Mastered by François Terrazzoni | Studio Parelies
Design by Alexandre Pichon

Production : Juste Une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI | FCM
Release date : 02-05-2011