Dominique Vernhes doesn’t hesitate to mix smuggled alcohols into an eclectic repertory, inspiring from big sources (blues, gospel).

From respectable saps of Jazz, he creates inspired improvisations which distil the elixirs of a swinging and attractive modernity. Traditionnal people or people who are looking for something new can related without judgement to this original, even surprising, sextet sound.


1. Paradoxe en ré majeur (Dominique Vernhes) 1’31
2. Happy Disaster (Dominique Vernhes) 6’02
3. Canada Blues (Dominique Vernhes) 5’36
4. Apples’ queen (Dominique Vernhes) 3’51
5. Be cool in B Flat (Dominique Vernhes) 3’09
6. Eva’s navel (Dominique Vernhes) 4’34
7. Escale à Basse-Terre (Dominique Vernhes) 5’06
8. Sister K. (Dominique Vernhes) 6’45
9. Salmis au riz vert (Dominique Vernhes) 3’23
10. Flight of the blue fly (Dominique Vernhes) 4’39
11. H.S. (Dominique Vernhes) 5’07
12. Tasty clam (Dominique Vernhes) 1’26

Dominique Vernhes (Sax ténor)
Carine Bonnefoy (Piano)
Olivier Robin (Drums)
Stéphane Chausse (Sax alto, clarinet)
Thomas Savy (Sax baryton, clarinet)
Raphaël Dever (Double bass)

Drawings by Dominique Vernhes
Recorded secretly

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 08-10-2001