Hong is a delicate, subtle and very original album. The “traditional” jazz Big Band is revisited. The flute and the oboe replace the trumpets, the clarinet, the soprano saxophone and the bass clarinet replace the saxophones and the horns take the place of the trombones. Counterpoint, modern compositional techniques (musical palindrome) as well as the contribution of the Sonata form (bi-thematic, tri-thematic) are the foundation of Arteskor Orkestra.
The album can be listened to like watching great cinema. The casting is dreamy, the scenes follow one another, the dialogues are rich, the emotions are flowing. The whole thing is projected meticulously, carefully and passionately.


Space Fakir
Crumpled Face
Fast Hope
Shameless Blue
Winter Scales
The Golden Age
Asian Spring

All compositions by Laurent Bonnot Published by Éditions Amoc

Sylvaine Hélary – flute and bass flute
Balthazar Naturel – oboe and English horn

Stéphane Guillaume – soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone
Élodie Pasquier – clarinet
Maxime Berton – bass clarinet and baritone saxophone
Armand Dubois-Gourut – French horn
Corentin Billet – French horn
Manuel Rocheman – piano
Laurent Bonnot – acoustic bass
Louis Moutin – drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Charlier at Studio Besco
Released by Juste Une Trace
Photographs by Edith Gaudy
Graphic Design by Corinne Garino
Produced by Engilmusic
with support : SACEM
Release date : 10-09-2021