A meeting between Johnny Cash and the Stray Cats, overlooked by Lou Reed.

I’M HUNGRY includes 11 songs. 2 previously unreleased tracks by the north-American writer Jack Clark, an original French Rock song by Paul Péchenart (Dogs) & Jay, 1 instrumental country song by Jean-Yves Lozac’h (Charlie McCoy), an original French love song by Marie-France Floury, some original Blues Rock songs by Jay, a revamped traditional song, and «Lust For Life» (Iggy Pop) cover with Paul Pechenart Junior (Guerilla Poubelle) on guitar.

All those songs are played as if the musicians where born in a town between Memphis and Nashville with a subway network.


1. I’m Hungry (Jay Ryan) 2’55
2. Lust for life (Iggy Pop – David Bowie) 3’56
3. Drinking and thinking (About you) (Jack Clark) 5’00
4. Four in the morning blues (Jay Ryan) 3’18
5. Cellblock C (Jack Clark) 4’59
6. Je t’aime (Marie-France Floury) 2’49
7. In the pines (Traditional) 3’32
8. Transcontinental shuffle (Jean-Yves Lozac’h) 3’36
9. J’aime pas la rentrée (Marie-France Floury) 2’37
10. C’est compliqué (Jay Ryan – Paul Péchenart) 3’12
11. Ligne 13 (Jay Ryan – Marie-France Floury) 4’05

Jay Ryan (Lead vocals, acoustic guitar – 6)
Marco Di Maggio (Guitars)
Matteo Giannetti (Upright bass)
Danny Vriet (Fiddle)
Jean-Yves Lozac’h (Pedal steel guitar, dobro)
Marie-France Floury (Vocals)
Paul Péchenart IV (Guitar – 2)
Paul Péchenart III (Background vocals -10)

All songs are published by Éditions AMOC except «Lust for Life» by Tintoretto Music – Fleur Music (GB1) – BMG VM Music Limited | «In the pines» is a traditional American folk song
Artistic direction by Marco Di Maggio
Recorded by Marco Mattia Robbiani | Larione 10 and Alexandre Mazarguil | Ufo Studio
Mixed and mastered by Marco Di Maggio | MdM R’nR Guitar Factory
Photographies by Joanna Borderie
Logo by Mark Weissberg
Design by Céline Cuvelier

Production : Juste une Trace
With support : SCPP | ADAMI | IMM
Release date : 04-03-2016