LCDK is avant-garde music, a mix of noise rock and written scores, influenced by Oxbow, Primus and then sliding towards Tom Waits..

The trio, which also goes under the name “Les Comptes de Korsakoff”, depicts a somber universe, violent, and enchanting: that of a chaotic Karl… …the story of a man suffering from a neurological disorder caused by the abuse of alcohol and malnutrition.

Karl can’t remember his past any longer so he starts accepting as true things that never happened.


1. Puzzled (Geoffrey Grangé) 8’33
2. Karl’s Nightmare (Geoffrey Grangé) 5’41
3. Clown (Geoffrey Grangé) 3’49
4. In The Bottle (Geoffrey Grangé) 5’14
5. Make a Move (Geoffrey Grangé) 4’54
6. Within Myself (Geoffrey Grangé) 3’25
7. Correspondence (Geoffrey Grangé) 6’03

Geoffrey Grangé (Vocals & Bass)
Quentin Lavy (Drums)
Marie-Claude Condamin (Cello)

All compositions by Geoffrey Grangé | Éditions Musicales AMOC
Recorded and mixed by Olivier Valcarcel | Studio Cockpit Prod
Mastered by Pascal Coquard | Studio Les Tontons Flingueurs
Paintings & illustrations by Linda Roux
Design by David Michellan

Production : Juste une Trace & Puzzle
With support : IMM
Release date : 15-03-2013