The first album of a well known guitarist in the world of bebop .
The entire original directory goes from joyful exoticisms imagined by Marie-Ange Martin for Mexicali to Swing in Spring, where the clarinet gets us back to the spring swing. The pen of Marie-Ange Martin is the most eloquent when she talks about her emotions of jazzfan, evoking the Full House of Wes Montgomery in Sagitario or Tricotism of Oscar Pettiford in Magnetism. When she makes a tribute to Django in Promenade à St Ouen, the one of the recent years, between the false gentleness faces with Hubert Rostaing and the declared modernity “bebop” faces.
Marie-Ange Martin has selected two compositions of her great accomplice, Frederick Sylvester, including Herbie for which he has brought himself an air support.


1. MEXICALI (Marie Ange Martin)
2. SPRING AND SWING (Marie Ange Martin)
3. FEELING MINOR (Marie Ange Martin)
4. CROCUS (Marie Ange Martin)
5. JAMAICAN CAIMAN (Marie Ange Martin)
6. I VE GOT THE DUES (Marie Ange Martin)
7. SAGITARIO (Marie Ange Martin)
8. MAGNETISM (Marie Ange Martin)
9. KICK START (Marie Ange Martin)
10.TRICKY (Marie Ange Martin)
11.SHIRE (Marie Ange Martin)
12.HERBIE (Frederic Sylvestre)
13.PROMENADE A ST OUEN (Marie Ange Martin)

Marie-Ange Martin (Guitar)
Gérard Meissonnier (Saxophone, clarinet)
Bruno Magnet (Double bass)
Fabien Meissonnier (Drums)

Guest: Frédéric Sylvestre (Guitar) on Herbie

Recorded and mastered by Saïd Guerroudj | Studio 1
Mixed by Jean-Luc Sitruk
Photographies by Gaston Bergeret
Design by Phil Design

Production : Juste Une Trace
Release date : 30-10-2000