Lightness, gravity, serenity, and even volupty. we all want to squeeze up to laugh, think and applaud when Rémo Gary is around. he paints a painting with the water on a glassy sea, he evokes the life in metaphors, he makes us reflect/bounce on the word free.t jouent la farandole.
Rémo Gary offers a sincere, popular, refined album in which his words find an incomparable echo beside the group Off 7. This time, the musicians are confronting writing and improvisation, exploring the harmonious progressions, breaking the rhythmic solutions, mixing the melodic references, inventing a directory of delicious brass band where cohabites jazz, contemporary music, ethnic report and French Songs.


1. L’éléphance (Rémo Gary, Michel Sanlaville) 3’44
2. Dans tes petits papiers (Rémo Gary, Jean-Pierre Caporossi) 2’07
3. La rue du monde (Rémo Gary, François Forestier) 4’42
4. Sous le tissu (Rémo Gary, Jean-François Baëz) 4’18
5. On s’est aimé (Rémo Gary, François Forestier) 2’55
6. Idylle sanglante (Jean Richepin, Rémo Gary) 2’48
7. La nuit (Rémo Gary, Jean Andréo) 3’46
8. Partir en voilage (Rémo Gary, Marc Wolff) 4’10
9. Le fond de l’air est gris (Rémo Gary, Jean-Luc Peilhon) 5’52
10. Il pleut (Rémo Gary, Joël Clément) 3’53
11. Plus il y a de fous (Rémo Gary, Marc Wolff) 4’29
12. Cellule 4 (Jean Andréo) 1’14

Rémo Gary (Vocals)
Jean-Pierre Caporossi (Piano, melodica)
Michel Sanlaville (Double bass)
Marc Wolff (Drums)
Jean-Luc Peilhon (Clarinet, harmonica)
Jean Andréo (Sax, clarinet)
François Forestier (Guitars, tuba)
Jean-François Baëz (Accordeon)
Joël Clément (Piano)

Recorded and mixed by Didier Boyat | Studio AGLCR
Photos by Nathalie Baudry
Portrait by Joël Montigny
Drawings by Fred Morandat
Design by L’Envers du Décor

Production : Juste Une Trace | Poisson à Tiroir
Release date : 02-02-1999