Remo Gary has a way with words, a lucide and generous vision of the world that includes a commitment to social solidarity as well.
He plays with words to show us his rage, to try and put the universe back on its feet, to denounce amnesia and cowardice. Despite his rage, joyously and serenely, he calls for us to keep up hope, to change every morning to transform the world.

The album also includes “Les matelots de Groix”, an interpretation of Richepin’s text… a twenty minute long, moving ode to sailors who tragically perish in raging seas.


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1. Colère (Rémo Gary) 3’47
2. Le petit matin (Rémo Gary / François Forestier) 3’23
3. Les bosses (Rémo Gary / Jeanne Garraud) 3’11
4. Le contorsionniste (Rémo Gary / Clélia Bressat-Blum) 2’34
5. Les pieds de singe (Rémo Gary / Romain Didier) 10’53
6. La chanson du ricochet (Rémo Gary / Joël Clément) 3’38
7. Où est le fil (Rémo Gary) 3’44
8. Graines de chènevis (Rémo Gary / Michel Sanlaville) 3’31
9. Les trois matelots de Groix (Jean Richepin / Yves Chauris / Rémo Gary) 20’21
10. Mes vacances au bord de tout (Rémo Gary / François Forestier) 3’00
11. Dimanche à 5 heures (Rémo Gary / Jeanne Garraud) 3’27
12. Ouvriers de plâtre (Rémo Gary) 2’52

Rémo Gary (Vocals)
Patrick Guillot (Accordeon)
Michel Sanlaville (Double bass)
Joël Clément (Piano, accordeon)
Clélia Bressat-Blum (Trombone, piano, melodica, accordeon, flute)
Marc Wolff (Tambour, derbouka)
François Forestier (Guitar, tuba)
Jeanne Garraud (Accordeon, piano)
Jean-Luc Peilhon (Clarinet, harmonica)
Jean Andréo (Saxophones, clarinet)
Jean-François Baëz (Accordeon)

Recorded and mixed by Didier Boyat | Studio AGLCA
Mastered by Luc Echampard | Associa-son
Photographies by Bernard Dutheil
Illustrations by Fred Morandat
Design by Élise Garraud

Production : Juste Une Trace | Poisson à Tiroir
Release date : 02-04-2005