On August 17, 1969 it was hot and had been raining non-stop in the small town of Bethel, NY where Woodstock was being held. At 3 o’clock on the 3rd day of the festival, Barry «The Fish» Melton got on stage with Country Joe. 50 years later on September 26, 2019 we find him on a Chinese Junk docked along the Seine river in Paris with Jay and the Cooks. LIVE AT LA DAME DE CANTON is a fabulous recorded concert produced by Juste Une Trace.

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1. Jesse James (Barry Melton, Robert Hunter / Ice Nine Publishing, Seafood Music) 05:18
2. I’m really glad I met her (Tyler Jameson Barnes / Editions AMOC) 04:59
3. Poor Wayfaring Stranger (arr. Barry Melton / Seafood Music) 06:28
4. Babylon (Barry Melton / Seafood Music) 05:12
5. Maggie’s Farm (Bob Dylan / Special Rider Music) 08:19
6. Mojo Navigator (Ed Denson, Joe Mac Donald, Barry Melton / Joyful Wisdom, Seafood Music, Alkatraz Corner) 05:48
7. Mountains in Dreamland (Charles Cockey / Seafood Music) 05:47
8. One and One Makes Three (Jay Ryan / Editions AMOC) 04:11
9. In the Pines – In the Pines (arr. Barry Melton / Seafood Music) 07:03
10. Rollin and Tumblin (Muddy Waters / Watertoons) 03:24

During the Summer of Love, Barry « The Fish » Melton celebrated his 20th birthday in June 1967. A few days later, he and his band Country Joe and The Fish were rocketed onto the world stage at the Monterey Pop Festival with such luminaries as the Jefferson Airplane, the Mamas and Papas, Otis Redding, Ravi Shankar, Simon and Garfunkel, the Who, Jimi Hendrix… Barry also appear in the movie bearing the same name: « Woodstock ». At the same time Jay Ryan was playing with a « marching band » in Chicago.

In the 1980’s, Barry « The Fish » Melton put together San Francisco’s historic supergroup, « The Dinosaurs », featuring John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane), Peter Albin (Big Brother and the Holding Company) and Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead songwriter). Other members of the band later included Merl Saunders (Saunders- Jerry Garcia Band) and Papa John Creach (Hot Tuna).
At the same time Jay Ryan was playing with Yohan Asherton, Les Froggies, Jacno, Paris Slim, or on stage with Elliot Murphy, The Transcontinental Cowboys…

50 years after Woodstock, Barry « The Fish » Melton with Jay Ryan are playing together, to celebrate the festival with an authentic Rock and Blues show.

Photo Bernard Rousseau

Barry «The Fish» Melton (Vocals, guitar)
Jay Ryan (Vocals, guitar)
Stéphane Missri (Guitar, banjo)
Paul Susen (Fiddle, mandolin)
Marten Ingle (Bass)
Danny Montgomery (Drums)

Mixed by Arnaud Bascuñana | Studio 180
Design : Corinne Garino
Production : Juste une Trace
Release date : 04-03-2020